Private Equity Firm in United States Received an Exceptional Quality Financial Research Services in Record Turnaround Time

The Client

The client is a US based Private Equity Firm that does important research related to pension funds in different American states and the manner in which these funds are being invested. They needed a reliable offshore partnering solution and since they had already availed of the services of Back Office Pro earlier, they approached us once again.

The Business Need

The client needed a dedicated team that knew exactly what the project was about. The main requirement was to gather research material and data from the pension funds of twenty different American states, understand how and where the bulk of these funds were invested and determine the pattern of these investments.

On top of that, the client also wanted us to collate the names and contact details of the important people in this field and provide a detailed analysis of their roles.

The Back Office Pro Solution

  • To get this project started, we set about hiring 3 Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) specialized in Equity and Finance. These professional were based in our offshore delivery centre from where we submitted the final work to the client.
  • This team of professionals first analyzed the kind of research that was needed and once that was done, they drew up a plan detailing how to go about the job using the available infrastructure and resources. They also discussed the other deliverables for the project including the formats of the presentations and reports. Eventually, the plan also showed the timeline estimate for the entire project.
  • The team used different tools at their disposal to approach sources of information for collecting all the raw data they needed. This data was then strenuously analysed and studied so that the pattern of investments could be mapped and a trend predicted.
  • Then the team made the necessary reports and presentations which is what the client initially needed.


The Results

As we saved our client a lot of time and money, this project led us to securing a long term partnership with the client. These are ways in which we helped the American firm:

  • Offered cost saving services and extremely competitive rates
  • Completion in record time
  • Top notch quality of service
  • Exceeded the client’s expectations

Due to aforementioned benefits, our name was recommended by the client to other businesses as well. If you would like to know more about us, please fill in the online inquiry form on our site and wait for a call from us.