An Accurate Market Research Report on 20 Market Players Helped Financial Advising Firm to Make the Best Strategies

Market Analysis

Client Profile – Financial Advising Firm in the USA

The client is a financial advisor in the USA, helping hundreds of businesses in 2009. They help their clients to plan and execute successful strategies and achieving financial freedom and creating a legacy. They have helped over 400 business with a business value of more than $2.5 bn. The client aims to help business owners get financial stability thereby creating a strong foothold in their business. They identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business owners and the business and develop strategies to achieve success.

Client Requirement: Market Analysis

The client wanted to develop a complete Market Landscape study for 20 players in the market. They were in search of an outsourcing partner who can deliver detailed and accurate market research reports, with competitive analysis within the stipulated deadline.

Initial Challenges Involved in the Project

In the initial phase, selecting the 20 market players from fabricated structural metal manufacturing industry was a challenge. Sometimes there was insufficient data, which made the requirement complex. However, with our expertise and experience, we overcame the challenge easily and attained then the project goal.

Market Analysis

Custom Solution of Back office Pro for Market Analysis

Once the client explained their goals and requirements, we created a step-by-step process to execute the project:

  • With secondary research, we prepared the market overview including the key industry trends in the U.S. market.
  • The market dynamics with the mention of market drivers, restraints, opportunities were done.
  • Market analysis report on fabricated structural metal manufacturing market was created including growth trends, industry employment, by product types.
  • Competitive analysis with a list of major market players in the U.S, the company profiles of the top 5 companies was made.

Key Benefits for the Client

The client received a complete competitive analysis of the fabricated structural metal manufacturing market with the list of the major market players and the competition around. This helped them to build a strategy for their client’s products and markets. They were highly satisfied with BOP’s deliverables.