Technology Consultation Firm from California Gets Competitive Analysis of 5 SiC Tube Companies

Market Analysis

Client Profile- California Based Technology Consultation Company

The client is a world leader in innovating new market-ready technologies and connect them with the investors and companies to build a mutually beneficial business environment. They create a roadmap for the success of their clients with their strong in-house team. At the applied level, the client has the inter-disciplinary convergence. They enhance and support the development of technologies keeping environmental factors in mind while accelerating the commercial success of each of the scientific ventures and inventions.

Client Requirement: Competitive Analysis

The client was looking for an outsourcing company with expertise in market research, competitive analysis, and could complete the project within the expected deadline. They came across BackOffice Pro and hired us for a complete competitive analysis of companies providing silicon carbide tubes.

Challenges faced by BOP

Based on the requirement, analyzing the value chain and supply chain of the silicon carbide tubes was challenging. However, with thorough research and continuous coordination with the client, it became easy for us to overcome it.

Customized Steps of BackOffice Pro for Competitive Analysis

The client shared their requirements with us, and we attained a clarity of understanding of it. We made a list of five silicon carbide tube manufacturing companies in the USA along with creating a database of their company overview, website, address of their headquarter, contact number, their customer, the application of their products, pricing, value chain and supply chain of the SiC industry. Finally, we handed over the report to the client.

Competitive Benefits for the Client

The client was highly satisfied with the market research and the competitive analysis of the SiC tube industry in the USA. They received a 30% benefit in cost accompanied by a pool of market researchers.