Market Research Firm in the US Used Outsourcing Model to Receive 150 Company Profiling Projects at 40% Cost Saving

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Meet the Client: Market Research Firm in the US

The client is a leading market research firm based in the US.

Objective of the Company Research Requirement

The client aimed to create company profiles with accurate SWOT analysis.





150 profiles every month

Client’s Challenges with Company Research

The client wanted company profiles based on their history, organization structure, financial data, executive profiles, advanced R&D, new technology fields, current & future products, legal & overall strategic positions, near and long-term events, internal tracking, and SWOT analysis. The profiles also included details on region-wise operations, including regional plants, joint ventures, alliances, business status, OEM details, and market position, for each company.

They required a partner with proficiency in researching and compiling company profiles. The client selected us for our skill in conducting extensive web research, data extraction, generating premium output through a controlled and well-managed project.

Custom Solution form BOP on Company Research

According to client specifications, company profiles can be developed as basic or advanced. Since our work value only allows us to deliver the best, we decided to assign the project to experts in the field.

The project primarily entailed creating strategic profiles of some leading global companies, highlighting their financial performance. Our challenge lay in covering the diverse industries and the wide geographical spread occupied by our target audience and the researched companies. These were spread across the globe from the US, UK, Europe, Japan, South Korea to India and beyond.

We inked out a system that was both straightforward and time-efficient. A 7-10 days introductory training period was followed by a week-long trial phase. We integrated client feedback while developing the training manual before going live.

Graduates fresh out of school, including management graduates, prepared the fundamental analysis. More experienced management graduates then undertook the value-added analysis. Systematic editorial and in-house quality appraisals were then undertaken to guarantee that the highest quality standards were sustained only after the project was presented to the client.

Company Research Outcome

  • With 150 profiles every month, the project is now live and running efficiently. The output can pass the stringent quality assessments after going through our rigorous in-house quality checks. Profiling and compiling processes were made more accessible with our automated software tools. The finished project could be delivered to the client in the shortest possible time.
  • Experts on alphabetization and categorization oversaw the designing and formatting of software. This ensured the winning combination of a high standard of work with considerable cuts in costs.
  • We now have a highly satisfied client who is thinking about retaining us for more future projects. We are now exploring the likelihood of including another advanced research.
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