Hair Masking Helps a Leading Auditing and Tax Consultation Firm in London to Raise 30% Profit

Hair Masking Service at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro is one of the significant image-editing companies supporting various clients with image editing needs like hair masking from all over the world. Our clients trust us based on our experience, skills, and our consistency in delivering high-quality image editing service. On a similar note, one of our esteemed clients from London, and global tax consulting organization, partnered with us for their business hair masking and headshot image editing needs.


Meet the Client – A Tax Consulting Firm in London

Based out in London, the client is a world leader in audit, tax, and consulting services catering to growth focus global organizations. They provide tax and risk advisory, transaction, and financial advisory services, audit and assurance. With a client-centric approach, they share their skills, resources, and insights for the growth of their clients’ business.

Objectives Behind the Hair Masking Requirements

  • Editing headshot image
  • Hair masking
  • Providing two sets of final images – one with a transparent background and another with the color as per instruction


The client partnered with BackOffice Pro for image stitching to:


London, UK


$3000 per annum


2000 images

Challenge at the Client’s End Before Availing Hair Masking Solution from BOP

The client was looking for an experienced company to assist them in their headshot image editing requirements so that they can cater to their corporate clients better in their branding needs. They found BOP matching parameters in terms of experience and expertise and ended up signing with us to assist them.

Custom Solution on Hair Masking from BOP

Once we received the raw headshot images from the client, a team size of three experts started working on the project. They imported the images in Photoshop and did the channel masking. Followed with it, we extracted the image from the background and applied the alpha channel and sketched the hair in the images to ensure no detail is missed out. Subsequently, we placed the same images against a transparent background and colored background as per the client’s instructions. Then we shared the images in JPEG, PNG, and PSD formats via dropbox. The client was highly satisfied with our output as we removed the wrinkles and blemishes with no revisions.

The images were of various sizes and dimensions and fixing them to make an even size was challenging. The requirement of even color toning and background, along with the project timeline, also added up to the challenge. We added one more expert to the team for hair masking, which made the whole process an easy task.

Results Obtained from BOP’s Hair Masking Services

  • The raised their profit to 30%
  • The output images looked appropriate for branding
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