Leading Job Recruitment Firm Receives Resume Formatting Service at 50% Savings

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The Client - A Global Job Recruitment Firm

Based in the UK, the client is a global job recruitment company working across many sectors and geographies. They are a private company backed by venture capital, consisting of many ex-industry partners, as well as experienced associates and a dedicated in-house research team.

They assist various employment programs and specialize in all aspects of recruitment, including team outsourcing needs, position advertising, and resumes. The client is a very well-known and prestigious human resource agency helping companies worldwide.

Requirements for the Resume Formatting Project

The client got in touch with us through an online inquiry form to help them with services that concerned many resumes/profiles of job candidates that they had received. The client wanted us to format it as per a set industry template.

The client shared the profiles of candidates with our team of data specialists via a common email. We had to go through each one of them, remove all errors and edit it according to the accepted template before validating the final output quality.

Challenges Tackled by Our Team

Our team of five members required to complete as many as 100 profiles within 1-2 hours per batch. This proved to be a massive challenge as this strict and varied time requirements involved in each batch of profiles made it difficult for the team to keep track of all requirements. At times, the client sent us a set of high priority resumes, and we had to get it delivered within a short stipulated time.

We assigned the best and experienced data specialists from our team to combat these challenges. A strong line of communication with the client helped us stay in the right direction, increasing the pace, and keeping control over the processes involved. Besides, we had to encourage our team to push for a faster pace continuously.

Consulting Team

Adopting a Step-Wise Process

We laid out a step-by-step process to ensure that we were able to satisfy the client and also exceed their expectations.

We worked through each detail and laid down a step-by-step process, which is as follows:

  • The client sent us the resumes submitted by the candidates for formatting via email.
  • We had to work on each batch of resume on a specific template
  • We made the required changes, which included changing sentence structure, words, and content order.
  • The final draft of each batch was sent to the client via email for a quality check.


End Results

There were high expectations from our team, mainly since we were referred to this company by a client who had sought similar services from us in the past.

We tried to strive for a higher level of output and made sure we achieved that. We completed all batches of profiles within the required timelines, thereby helping the client save an average of 50% in costs.

The client was delighted with the output and has hence signed us on for future projects. They also referred us to other similar clients because of which we are now working with six different clients requiring the same services. This project has hence paved the way for further growth.

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