Outsource Glass Shop Drawing Services

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a renowned engineering service provider trusted by clients worldwide, including architectural firms, construction companies, building consultants, and fabrication firms. With over a decade of experience, BOP delivers high-quality glass shop drawings and related services to the global glass industry, including specialized curtain wall shop drawings, storefronts drawings, facade shop drawings, balustrade detailing, all-glass entrance systems, and more.

BOP's team of experienced design engineers provides precise and accurate glass shop drawings, which include elevations, details, key plans, notes, and schedules for glass and hardware. Partnering with BOP ensures professional offshore support, competitive pricing, and top-quality architectural drawing services, making it easy for clients to execute their architectural design plans.

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BackOffice Pro's Professional Architectural
Drawing Services For Glass & Glazing Industry

BackOffice Pro offers top-of-the-line Architectural drawing and detailing services tailored to your specific industry, product, and development methodology needs. Our comprehensive range of glass and glazing shop drawing services includes:

  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Field Installation Drawings
  • Facade 2D Drafting
  • Cladding Shop Drawing
  • CAD Design for Glazing Products
  • Glass Shopfront Drawings
  • Curtain Wall Shop Drawings
  • Balustrade Detailin
  • Skylight Detailing
  • Glass Door CAD Drawings
  • Glass Stairs Detailin
  • Glass Partition Modeling & Detailing
  • Glass Quantity Take off for Bidding
  • Bill of Materials
  • Glass Product Renderin
  • Framing, Panel Cut Profile
    & Election Drawing
  • 3D Walkthroughs for
    Glass Partition Systems

The Software for Glass
Shop Drawings and Glazing Shop Drawings

BackOffice Pro utilizes a range of software for generating accurate glass shop drawings that cater to the specific needs of the glass industry. The software includes


These software tools allow BOP to create accurate and detailed shop drawings for various glass structures, from shopfronts to curtain walls, balustrades, and glass partitions. By leveraging these powerful software tools, BOP can offer high-quality glazing shop drawing services customized to the client's specific needs in the glass industry.

Benefits of BOP's
Glazing Shop Drawing Services

Partnering with BackOffice Pro for CADD services for the glass and glazing industry offers a range of benefits.

  • Our experienced team of certified engineers is proficient in the latest engineering technologies and software, and we have extensive experience across industry verticals.
  • Customized design techniques as per project needs.
  • Provide cost-effective glass shop drawing services with at least 40-60% cost savings compared to industry pricing.
  • Custom engagement models with hourly and full-time rates defined, along with flexible scaling of resources as per project requirements.
  • With our quick turnaround time and competitive pricing, clients can easily execute architectural design plans.
  • Choosing BOP as your engineering service provider will ensure professional offshore support and a top-quality CADD service.

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Why Partner with BOP

Partner with BOP to get exclusive glass shop drawing services from our experienced drafting and design experts who understand the industry requirements, provide quick turnaround time, and accurate glazing shop drawings with flexible scaling of resources.