A Structural Engineering Company in Washington Successfully Planned picturesque Wood Buildings with Timber Structure Drawings

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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a renowned structural engineering company catering to global civil, structural, and architectural companies with design and drafting needs. Our engineers are highly experienced in supporting complex projects on residential, industrial, geotechnical, commercial, etc. We are the trusted outsourcing partners of the global clientele who depend highly on us for precise structural design and analysis.


Meet the Client – Structural Engineering Company in Washington

A well-known name in the structural engineering space, the client operates in Washington, delivers creative solutions with an intuitive approach to structural designs for equipment, buildings, and intricate structures. They offer value-added engineering services to each requirement of their clients, followed with strong communication and reporting structure at every phase of their projects.

Objective Behind the Timber Structure Project

The aim of the client behind the project was to get accurate structural drawings and calculations in bulk to speed up their projects.



Washington, USA


12 projects per month

Project Cost

$15000 per months

Client’s Challenges Before Outsourcing Timber Structure Project to BOP

While dealing with wood structures, the snow land wind load needs to be considered minutely. The client was working on wood structures for 19 building projects, including residential buildings, clubhouses, riverside areas. They wanted expert assistance for the calculations pertaining to structural calculations, timber foundation and framing, snow, and wind load. Partnering with BackOffice Pro for a long-term relationship, they got the right solution they were looking for.

Meticulous Solution on Timber Structure from BOP

The client shared the architect’s drawings, briefs, and selected three FTEs to start with the training for two months. They interned us with a quality check with their internal team, which helped us to emerge as an independent. With a timeframe of four days for one project, we started the drawing, detailing, and calculating snow and wind load in the proprietary software of the client. In the final step, we shared the structural drawings and calculation files via file transfer protocol (FTP), with high precision on time.

Timber Structure Project Outcome

The client was highly satisfied with the output and awarded us with a volume of 12 projects per month.

Structure Fabrication CTA

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