BackOffice Pro Assisted Engineering Service Provider in Florida with Structural Analysis Raising Their Profit to 60%

Structural Analysis

Client Profile: Florida Based Engineering Service Provider

Located in Florida, the client is an engineering services provider, comprising of state-of-the-art test labs, warehousing, product assembly. They provide motion control assemblies along with Dampers, Air Springs, Shock Absorbers and Gas Spring Support. The client supports its customers with onsite CAD designs building prototypes and testing facilities. They serve some of the largest Farm Equipment, Construction and Automotive companies in the USA. The ISO certified company also help its clients in vibration testing, durability testing.

The Requirement of the Client: Structural Analysis

The client wanted to outsource some of their structural analysis requirements. They came across the expertise of BOP and partnered with us for their projects. They wanted us to perform a complete structural analysis of gas spring, carry out the gas spring assembly analysis for the bending force, calculate the stress and displacement, and perform a thread bending and thread shear analysis.

Challenges Faced by BOP in Structural Analysis

The major concern was the process of rework required if there was negative feedback from the client. Additionally, there were multiple pre-conditions to comply with. However, with our highly skilled engineers, we were able to avoid such reworks, adhered to all the preconditions set by the client and submitted the project at a single shot.

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Custom Steps BOP Followed for Structural Analysis

Backoffice Pro formulated a customized approach to complete the project:

  • The client sent us the 3D models of the product, all technical and material specifications, load conditions, and preconditions for analysis, CAD files.
  • With a team size of 3 experts, we did the meshing on parameters provided by the client and submitted the Mesh models.
  • We applied loading condition on the mesh Models complying with multiple pre-conditions, three different variations – 400 pounds, 300 pounds and 200 pounds along with two product variations with the same loading conditions, to optimize the product.
  • Prepared the stress map and analysis report on stress-strain, maximum load capacity, and where the product may fail using the static structural analysis methodology in Ansys.
  • We submitted the report to the client within a week and received the approval.


Structural Analysis Project Benefits at Both Ends

The client was complacent with the output shared by BOP on time.

  • They saved 60% of the cost
  • They received the design recommendations and feasibility under the same roof owing to the team of engineers from diverse backgrounds.

On commencing the project successfully, the BOP team gathered deeper insights from the engineering and technical standpoint.