Metal Work Manufacturer from Australia Designs Precise Doors and Window Panels with Accurate Steel Shop Drawings

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Meet the Client - Australia Based Metal Work Manufacturer

The client is a veteran in the supply and installation of the custodial metal products for Courts, Police Cells, Prisons, Detention and Correctional Centers, and Hospitals, accompanied by other facilities that need high-security products. Headquartered in Victoria, Australia, they are a popular supplier of fabricated structural and architectural steel to the construction market.

They are a turnkey manufacturer of secured construction products specializing in refurbishing and maintaining the custodial facilities along with the installation of doors and windows, frames, and locks for new builds.

Objective of the Steel Shop Drawing

The client was looking to deliver the steel shop drawings at a faster turnaround time to their client and acquire more business.



Victoria, Australia

Volume :

30 hrs, in a week, 4-5 files in work

Project Cost:

$2000 p/m

Client’s Challenges with Shop drawings for Doors and Window Panels

A renowned construction providing custodial security solutions, the client had a piled-up shop drawing for their clients, and they found it difficult to manage it in-house. Hence, they were looking to partner with a company to help them with shop drawings for doors and windows panels. They contacted BOP for assistance and signed up with us, and received the best services.

BOP’s Solution on Shop drawings for Doors and Window Panels

After a successful trial, we devised a tailor-made approach with a team size of 2 members to attain the goals. They froze the design in Solidworks from the end-user. We received 3D CAD models or design files, assembly files, and part files. Our team reviewed all the files and checked any data that was missing and did the cleanup for the missing data, and informed the client. Once they provided the full information, we created the shop drawings for part files and assembly files in Solidworks.

After two rounds of QC – self QC and peer QC, the files were finalized. Then we shared the final shop drawing, part drawings, and assembly drawings with the client. We also added an exception to the project by building the process workflow and library of each task through video files.

Steel Shop Drawing Project Results

They were searching for highly skilled resources and zeroed on us owing to our expertise in metal works, sheet metals, and weldments. They got a combination of architectural and structural and mechanical which was rare and saved time and cost of resources.

Shop Drawings CTA

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