Outsource to Cloud-based 3D Rendering Farms to Process Large Scale Rendering 27 Oct 2020

Outsource to Cloud-based 3D Rendering Farms to Process Large Scale Rendering

Cloud-based 3D rendering is a blessing in disguise for the small businesses as it allows them to make a mark for themselves in the field of the large-scale 3D rendering of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and videos for animation and visual effects. In the early years, the twin factors of costly server maintenance and expensive data center, restricted the capacity to render high-end computer-generated imagery (CGI) and videos.

It’s a seamless process now, wherein the rendering can be parallelized as the frames and tiles can be calculated independently with simple steps, including uploading the source files like models and textures in the processor and downloading the output.

Fortunately, the online render farms or the cloud-based 3D rendering service has given the companies the freedom to outsource 3D rendering needed for processing these business requirements. The render farms offer various competencies on V-ray cloud rendering, 3d MAX cloud rendering, and many more that make the task easy for the client companies to choose based on their specificities. 

How does the Cloud-based 3D Rendering Service Work?

The cloud-based 3D rendering services are the ideal alternative for the 3D artists, animators, etc., to access the power of rendering is a various cost-effective way. The rendering farms depend on the node-based cores that deploy a powerful graphics processing unit (GPUs) and servers to accelerate the rendering procedure. It helms the power of processing thousands of animations with much lesser time as compared to the usage of one machine to handle the rendering one at a time.

How does the Cloud-based 3D Rendering Service Work?

The primary concern lies in choosing the best farm from the plethora of companies for your rendering requirements for animation, which can be overwhelming indeed. Additionally, render farms have specific framework and limitations, so it can sometimes be taxing to compare companies.

However, the catch is in considering the several essential factors carefully before zeroing into the right one. Here are some of the crucial points that you must inquire with the farms while deciding to render in the cloud, to get a precise understanding of their process:

  • The software they use to support the workflow
  • The plug-ins the farms use locally to execute test rendering
  • How much experimental is the farm
  • Are they compatible with the software and technology that you are using?

As there can be multiple issues or incompatibilities of the cloud-based 3D rendering farms, for example, some of the farms strictly don’t accept particular render engines or applications. Others may accept but might be incapable of providing the rendering in quick turnaround time. Sometimes the file types are not compatible with a specific workflow, etc. Therefore, it is highly advisable to research well before outsourcing to a cloud-based 3D rendering service provider.

Industries with the Huge 3D Rendering Needs

Talk about 3D rendering; the entertainment industry is ready to make the most out of this service. It is a well-known fact that film production, game development, and animation production all have a significant demand for the imagery and videos that require 3D rendering on computers. However, the high cost of the process often tends to be a determinant that paves the way for outsourcing to cloud-based 3D rendering farms.

Industries with the Huge 3D Rendering Needs

Moreover, manufacturing, industrial, graphic, architectural, and other industries also have continuous requirements for 3D rendering services. Other potential industries include governmental departments, research, and educational institutions.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing to 3D Rendering Farms

As soon as the client company outsources their requirements to cloud-based 3D rendering farms, the following benefits will be available:

Key Benefits of Outsourcing to 3D Rendering Farms
  • Real-time preview and online submission of files
  • Intelligent recognition of 3D software and render engine versions
  • Cache files will have an auto-reset path
  • Receiving real-time notifications for the finished work via email
  • Automatic detection of lost textures.
  • As per the needs of the screen file, an automatic load plug-in will be performed.

Requirements that 3D Rendering Farms Must Meet

When outsourced the rendering needs to a cloud-based 3D rendering farm, the company must ideally ensure the following:

  • Producing realistic videos without incorporating incongruency or artificial attributes
  • Achieving a high standard and quality of work that was difficult for the client to maintain
  • Offering competitive cost of the 3D rendering process throughout the contract tenure
  • Should be well equipped to process large and heavy data but with a high precision level.
  • Providing seamless troubleshooting process in time of technical exigencies 

Concerns While Planning to Outsource to 3D Rendering Farms

The significant concern associated while considering render in the cloud is the long waiting time during the data transfer. Security is another concern for the global companies, although the offshore cloud-based 3D rendering service providers ensure every measure to adopt stringent security checks.

The advancements in technology, however,  coupled with their successful adoption by the offshore vendors, have gradually helped them to overcome these concerns.

Concerns While Planning to Outsource to 3D Rendering Farms

Although cloud technology has become more secure, yet there is a deeper concern about the company data while outsourcing. The key is to explain the client about the security from the modern back up and encryption systems. This helps in keeping the client to be updated about the privacy and security of their data before new relationships are forged.

Online rendering services is made more relevant by using high capacity pipelines to reduce the rate of the transfer time considerably. Moreover, providing high speed and direct connections to the client company increases client satisfaction and thereby demand. 

Hire 3D Rendering Professionals to Get Precise CGIs

With the advancement of the cloud-based 3D rendering farms, the rendering time and cost of rendering have reduced to a great extent. They are also are better equipped to understand as well as offer better services to the client organizations that deal with data processing on a large scale. However, to render in the cloud, it requires a lot of technical involvement to understand the 3D rendering requirements and to get the accurate outputs from the rendering farms. It is, thus, advisable to hire 3D rendering professionals who can take up the requirements and deliver the best 3D rendering services to support all animation and visual effects requirements for your business.

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