Point Cloud Data and 3D Parametric Model Services Increases Profit Up To 40% of USA Based Engineering Company

Point cloud data and 3D parametric model summery

Client Profile- USA Based Engineering Firm

The client is a USA based engineering company, specializing in additive engineering, 3D printing, and scanning services. They also offer product prototyping, end-of-arm-tooling for robotics, architectural models, models for the lost wax process. Operating for fifteen years in the market, the client focus on the component design and testing, 3D development for rapid prototyping and reverse engineering.

Client Requirement – Point Cloud Data and 3D Parametric Model

The client was looking for an outsourcing partner who had expertise in new product development. They wanted to outsource their requirements on motor casing, taking point cloud data of the machine and with those data creating a 3D parametric model. They came across BackOffice Pro and being enticed by our expertise on the engineering services; they hired us for their projects.

Preliminary Challenges in the Project

In the initial phase, the requirement seemed complex, and attaining accuracy within 1 micrometer of the whole positioning was challenging. However, continuous coordination with the client gave us clarity of understanding, and with his approval, we proceeded to complete the project successfully.

Personalized Process Devised by BackOffice Pro for 3D Model

The client shared point-cloud-data or scan data. A team size of two engineers compared the input and output and converted the point data to surface data using Geomagic software. We created a conceptual design and shared it with the client for feedback. On receiving the feedback, we discussed with the client on the product mechanism and worked on the model to bring in the aesthetics in the product look.

We prepared two drafts with the dimension parameters and incorporating the iterations we created 3D models of the product from the surface data using Solidworks and submitted the final file to the client via Dropbox.


Outstanding Benefits for the Client

Partnering with BOP, the client received 4-5 models per month within four days while saving 40% on cost. They got assisted by experienced engineers and successfully achieved their business goals. Being highly satisfied with our deliveries, they hired us for ongoing projects.