Technical Product Manufacturing Company Receives PCB Layout and Signal Integrity Service

PCB Layout

Client Profile- Product Manufacturing Company in the USA

Headquartered Wilmington, North Carolina, the client is a product manufacturing company focused on bringing new markets. Besides, they supply electrical, electronic, mechanical and software solutions to a diversified market requirement across the globe. The company manufacture quality products and distribute superior products to its customers with the best customer services. At every step, they ensure the best work environment, premium quality products and services which is the outcome of their team working together closely to design, test, build and ship numerous products to their global customers.

Client Requirement: PCB Layout and Design

The client was searching for a partner company that could help them with PCB layout and design services along with signal integrity. They found BOP and partnered with us to get the best services.

Initial Challenges Involved in the Project

Understanding the placement requirement and the connector positions were among the initial challenges. Detailed discussion and frequent communication helped us to progress with the project. The call with the client helped to resolve the open issues. We made a tracker to track the changes that helped us, our client as well as the end-client. Slowly a very clear PCB Layout guidelines on the requirements were established.

Customized Solution of Back office Pro for PCB Layout and Design

Once we received the schematic and its application, close references for us to refer to, and function specifications, we started working on the project using PADS software with the following approach.

  • We come up with the layout and component selection and bill of materials
  • Submitted and got the client’s approval
  • We checked for PCB signal integrity and started the design optimization
  • Once everything was done, we built a prototype and checked the function capability; it is working correctly or not.
  • The final output as Gerber files was shared with the client.


Key Benefits for the Client

The BOP has multiple expertise under one roof that the client can use in the future. We ensured that no information was neither lost nor distorted during the process. Coordination between our client and the end-client was quick and apt. Additionally, they saved 40% of the cost on the project.