German-based Company Outsourced with BOP and Received 3D Modeling of Ergonomic Shadow Boards

Our Aviation
Industry Based Client

Based out of Germany, our client is involved in the airlines and aviation industry with unique CAD/CAM processes to manufacture shadow boards and foam inlays. With over half-decade experience, our client stands out with the intention and ability to offer their customers the ability to design and develop real-time shadow boards. The client required an outsourcing partner to assist with the design of organized and ergonomic shadow boards.

Challenges in the Project

This project required a highly skilled workforce to create 3D modeling of a shadow board with dimensions and details inferred from images of the engineering tools. Also, the degree of effort and precision, while delivering within a short delivery timeline was another challenge.

The Shadow Board Modeling Requirement

The project brief required the implementation of design principles such as lean management and the practice of optimizing industrial processes to develop efficient production designs. The client contacted BackOffice Pro’s business development team in search of a reliable outsourcing partner with experience in 3D modeling and detailing. In addition to the sensitive nature of the instruments and equipment that was to be fitted to the shadow board, the client also required the partner to have the expertise in working with these types of instruments.

How BOP Helped with Shadow Board Modeling Process

After discussing on the agreed delivery dates and project requirements, our team began work on the project:

  • The images of the instruments and engineering equipment were received from the client.
  • The amount of work required and the ongoing nature of the project necessitated the formation of a dedicated team in a full-time capacity.
  • The dimensions of the instruments had to be determined using either the team’s expert knowledge or the client’s input in developing rough models of the shadow board and the instrument locations.
  • The team developed a 3D model with allocations for the required dimensions and the instruments to be used. This was then sent to the client for further approval. Any minor changes could be addressed directly on the 3D Model.
  • Our team was successful in limiting turnaround time to 24 hours and assisting the client in delivering products rapidly.
  • The 3D renderings were then converted into working prototypes of the shadow boards. The finalized shadow board models were then sent to the client for production.
  • The team made use of high-end software, such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD during the project.


Benefits – Long-term Outsourcing Partnership

The client benefitted from receiving professionally developed 3D models and designs for their shadow boards, including all of the relevant measurements. The client has enjoyed the constant support of our professional team, which has led to the expansion of the client’s business. BackOffice Pro benefitted by developing a trusted outsourcing partnership, and it’s been a running project for over 36 months.