Best Millwork Drawing Support Helps Chicago Based Architectural Casework Manufacturing Firm to Raise 40% Revenue

Millwork Drawing summery

Client Profile- Chicago Based Architectural Casework Manufacturing Firm

Based in Chicago since 1995, the client is a manufacturing firm specializing in custom architectural casework countertops. Serving institutions like hospitals, banks, schools, libraries, office floors, retail, and various commercial outlets, etc., they became certified as a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE). They are renowned in providing quality craftsmanship using state-of-art technology and machinery to manufacture the products and fabricate them in a safe environment.

Client Requirement: Millwork Drawing

The client needed an outsourcing partner to offload their millwork drawing requirements for the CNC production. Coming across BOP, they were lured with the expertise and hired us to get five to six millwork drawings per week continuously for mass production.

Initial Challenges in the Project

In the Initial phase, understanding the expected and varied output along with high was highly challenging; however, with continuous discussion and completion of two projects, it gave us clarity in understanding the requirements, and we easily combatted the challenge.

Customized Steps of Back office Pro for the Millwork Drawing

We received the inputs, sketches of the areas, design, and details of the cabinets, wall paneling, kitchenware, and anywhere where the woodwork is needed with all the dimensions. We extracted the data from the software and backup setting to understand the working methodology. Employing the Cabinet Vision software, a team comprising of three engineers started drawing as per the feasibility to fit in the whole area.

The pdfs, .cvj files were shared with the client for approval and modify if iterations are required. The client also expected us to deliver the cut list to use in the CNC machine, BOM – bill of material, which was completed successfully.


Remarkable Benefits for the Client

The client had a time constrain for the completion of the mass millwork drawing project. Saving 40% on cost, they were highly satisfied with the quality and timely delivery from the BackOffice Pro team.