Leading Engineering Advisory Firm in California Gets Land Development and Drafting for Projects Spreading Across 23 Acres Land

Land Development and Drafting Summary

Client Profile: Leading Engineering Advisory Firm in California

The client is a leading engineering advisory firm based in California that offers innovative solutions for land development, roadway, drainage, wastewater, and infrastructure projects. They provide cater to private companies, counties, and cities with civil engineering services while retaining the client through their quality services.

Client Requirement: Drafting and Land Development

The client was looking for an outsourcing partner who can help them in site development plans like the cover sheet, site plan, existing condition plan, driveway connection plan, master utility plan, stormwater. They also wanted a pollution prevention plan, paving, grading, & drainage details, potable water details, sanitary sewer details, FDOT standard plans, and more. They wanted CAD and land development engineers with vast experience. Coming across BackOffice Pro (BOP), they were highly satisfied with the expertise and hired us for their requirements.

Early Challenges Associated with the project

In the early stage, understanding and meeting the client’s expectations were challenging as the project required very highly experienced CAD engineers with highway and land development experiences. The turn-around-time thus seemed difficult. However, we have experienced CAD engineers in the team, who were able to comprehend the requirement concisely and combat the challenge.

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The Customized Approach of the BOP for the Project

Once we received the landscape drawings and land sketches, survey, and building footprint, a team of 2 engineers, we devised the steps as below and worked on AutoCAD and Civil 3D for accomplishing the project:

  • We prepared a Lot Grading Plan for a single residence, followed with onsite sewer treatment and disposal system plans depending on the plot plan of the surveyor.
  • The next step was to prepare the site and development plans, including making the Site Plan drawing, and layout based on the zoning regulations, grading the site and prepare the paving grading & drainage plan, creating the utility layout and preparing the master utility plan.
  • Followed with the above steps, we prepared a stormwater pollution prevention plan, landscape plan based on the minimum development standards.
  • We drafted the site sections and provided relevant details on potable water. Sanitary sewer and the subdivision plans were prepared along with preparing a preliminary plan based on the minimum lot sizes and roadway right-of-way (ROW) requirements.
  • We graded for the site and prepared the master paving grading & drainage plan, created the layout, and sized the potable water and sanitary sewer utilities and prepared the master utility plan.
  • Then we created the roadway profile drawings, including storm, sanitary sewer, and potable water utilities, size storm pipes, sanitary sewer pump design, and details.
  • We shared the drawings and layouts in .DWG and PDF files with the client.

Key Benefits for the Client

The client was looking for highly experienced CAD engineers with highway and land development experience. BOP has a pool of highly skilled and experienced engineers who worked on the project of an area of 23 acres and delivered on time. Being highly satisfied, they have contracted us for an ongoing project, and we are delivering 3-4 projects every week.