Property Developer in the US Gets 20 Precise Architectural Drafting for Home Theatre Acoustics Design in Two Weeks

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Objective of the Architectural Drawing Requirement

The major goal behind the architectural drawing is to check the feasibility and the placement of the home theatres in specific rooms for the best experience.





20 technical plans


2 weeks

Client’s Challenges before Hiring BOP for Architectural Drawing

The client was looking to produce specialized drawings to place home theatres in rooms with different shapes and sizes. They wanted to partner with a company that can provide them with the architectural CAD drawings, showing the home theatres in specific rooms. They requested us to give different drawings with distinctive alternatives and fusions to place the home theatres for a better viewing experience.

Custom Solution from BOP on Architectural Drawing

We chose the best and most experienced experts in the team to take a shot at this venture. We concentrated on the client’s rough sketches and estimations and worked on them to make perfect, specialized drawings, utilizing the CAD programming.

To ensure a complete understanding of the client's requirements, our team went to the client's office in the US. The client was pleased by the team’s enthusiasm and concerning work. We kept tabs on style, technical details, and the varying media standards throughout the configuration stage to position home theatres. Our experts were fastidious in the design executions, which was evident from the drawings, including even the most minute and subtle elements such as the separation between the two speakers of the home theatre, the separation between the home theatre and the TV, the gap between the seats and the home theatre and the better viewing angles.

All our drawings were positively received and commended by our client. We provided about 20 technical plans and designs within two weeks without bargaining on quality while staying true to all the specified details.

Architectural Drafting Takeaways

Thanks to our dedicated and quick work, the client commended our contribution to the business. Our secret was quite simple – we did not restrict ourselves to meeting the client’s expectations; in fact, we strove to exceed it every time.

  • Profound investigation and understanding of task prerequisites
  • Actively trying to surpass expectations
  • Exceedingly sparing rates
  • World-class quality outlines
  • Much needed rapid turnaround time

As our work was well appreciated by the customer, we were offered another project involving handling design diagrams for lighting in a building. This project will need a very hands-on approach from our experts, and we’re hoping we’ll achieve equally positive results.

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