An Irish Brewery Gets Accurate 3D Walk-through Visualization of its Future Brewery Construction Plans

The case study shows how a complex project such as a three-dimensional architectural walkthrough can be effectively outsourced. The client had a long list of specific business requirements and selected Back Office Pro (BOP) based on extensive experience in producing 3D architectural walkthroughs for diverse companies that include Fortune 1000 enterprises as well as small startups.

Client Profile —
An Irish Brewery Established in 2014

The client, based on the largest island (Achill Island) off the coast of Ireland, has quickly established a reputation for producing a popular local beer among tourists and local residents.

The Challenges —
Minimal Sketches and Incorporating the Rural Irish Location

Two primary challenges emerged for the Back Office Pro team: (1) Difficulty for the BOP team in visualizing the property from all possible angles based on the minimal set of initial building plans; and (2) Delivering a property design that conveyed a distinctly Irish look and feel.

The Solution —
Two Architects and Active Interaction with the Client

To produce a 3D architectural walkthrough that met the client's specialized requirements as well as the unique challenges of the project, BOP assigned two architects to work exclusively on the design task until project completion. After initial client interactions, a grey model was produced. To develop an intimate understanding of the local Irish surroundings that the client wanted their building to reflect, the Back Office Pro architects interacted with the client and then created a 3D design that successfully visualized the desired look and feel of the rural Irish countryside.

Business Need — Visualization of a New Building before Construction

With only sketches and basic plans to work with, the client wanted a better way to visualize how a new commercial property would look before starting the construction process. The client had a rigorous list of business needs for the project:

  • Proven skills in architectural designing from scratch
  • Detailed understanding of local property usage and building requirements
  • Capability to provide a fast turnaround
  • Matching or exceeding the quality standards of local architects
  • Easy communication process that facilitates rapid response to client questions


Back Office Pro Results — 60% Cost Savings, On-time and 90%+ Accuracy

Back Office Pro was successful in satisfying and impressing the client with these results:

  • Savings of more than 60 per cent compared to what a local vendor would have charged
  • An accuracy level that exceeded 90 per cent
  • Ability for the client to clearly visualize in advance what the property would look like when completed
  • On-time delivery