BOP Helped Canadian Transmission Tower Manufacturer in 3D CAD Drawings of Tower Assemblies

About The Client

The client is a leading Canadian designer and manufacturer of transmission towers, specialized in Transmission Modular Restoration Structures. Enabling the rapid restoration of power after power lines or transmission towers get damaged, these Restoration Towers can be erected very quickly. Due to their versatility and agility, they are also often used as temporary towers in the construction of by-passes, as temporary lines to remote locations or for river crossings, meteorological applications, and maintenance activity in hard to reach locations.


Project Requirements

With internal engineers seeing their workload increasing, the client required an ongoing outsourcing partner to assist with project-based detailing and modification needs, over a period of 24 months. They discovered Back Office Pro online and then acquired detailed information about our capabilities, portfolio, and experience through the sales team.

Back Office Pro was contracted to conduct all modifications needed on a project-specific basis, as per the client’s requirements, with the core requirement of adapting the design and adding insulators according to specifications, as well as preparing all the 2D schematics of the modified 3D models.

Project Challenges

One of the main project challenges was the client’s lack of experience in working with remote teams, which resulted in insufficient initial input with regards to critical details such as insulator details, guy-wire details, and details related to total tower height. The lack of these details made it difficult to keep a steady pace of work and necessitated streamlining the process to be as efficient as possible.

As the designated team at Back Office Pro gained expertise with this type of project, they were able to make suggestions instead of asking for missing details. The client agreed that suggesting suitable components and awaiting confirmation proved more efficient than stopping work to send queries for each particular detail.




Software / Application

Solidworks 2016


4 Weeks

Solutions by Back Office Pro

The delivery process was designed to free up the client’s time and resources, completing time-consuming tasks with a quick turnaround. This was achieved by:

  • Confirming each project before starting - Each Solidworks CAD model shared by the client was verified to ensure that it was complete and correct. Any inconsistencies were communicated to the client to be corrected.
  • Performing the modifications - The required modifications were implemented using Solidworks 2016 - this included changing insulators, tower components and other elements and other components as per strict project specifications.
  • Verifying the working specification of tower installations - Verification procedures were run to ensure that the updated models were error-free and the tower assembly was checked to make sure all the components were properly constrained or fixed in the Solidworks assembly module
  • Creating 2D schematics - 2D drawings were created as per the agreed standards, and all Bill of Materials (BOM) systems were generated.

Project Takeaways

Proactive suggestions and communications by BOP’s engineering team on the usage of project components, the overall delivery time was reduced by 20%. The client was able to free up time and internal resources which allowed them to pursue constructive development opportunities. They were highly satisfied and are in the process of reviewing their internal workflow to see if other outsourcing opportunities with Back Office Pro can be identified.

SolidWorks CAD works CTA

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