Outsource Architectural 3D Modeling Services

3D architectural modeling is a highly intensive aspect of construction, requiring a robust support structure to ensure success. Back Office Pro (BOP) has over a decade of experience in providing supportive outsourcing services to address project influx and skill gaps. The engineering team members at BOP hold of high-end degrees and have been hand-picked from multiple industries across the globe.

Creating 3D models is crucial in the planning, visualization, and finalizing of fine details. We make use of the highest quality hardware and software systems available, combined with highly skilled team members. Our team fully integrates with your internal processes and team members, allowing for overwhelming reduction and guaranteeing successful project completion by the required deadline. Contact our team using the form on our website, for all your 3D architectural modeling needs.

3D Modelling Skillsets Skillsets at Back Office Pro

Back Office Pro has over a decade of experience in delivering the highest quality 3D architectural modeling services. We pride ourselves on our broad range of skills, including:

  • Professional with a minimum of graduation degree from a recognized educational institute and experience working in similar projects.
  • Experience in crafting plans for residential zoning and living which includes the production of totally accurate designs that adhere to all local legislative requirements and incorporate cutting-edge construction methods.
  • Working experience in global building codes, health and safety regulations, sustainability, and egress.
  • Well-versed with all the latest software systems available including Rhino, 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, Revit, and other specialized tools.
  • Rendering capabilities using high-end software such as AutoCAD Architecture, Illustrator, Photoshop, and other advanced solutions.
  • In-depth knowledge of composition and scale, ensuring real-world accuracy.
  • Trained and experienced to handle complex requirements and challenges in architectural projects.
  • Ability to deliver 3D models in a variety of ways, including photo-realistic representations, plans, animations, and data.

3D Architectural Modeling Services at Back Office Pro

When you outsource architectural engineering projects to Back Office Pro, a global team with over a decade of experience is at your disposal. Our services include:

  • Product Modeling

    Back Office Pro offers seamless architectural product modeling abilities, maintaining the highest levels of accuracy. Our team has completed projects all over the world, for all types of clients.

  • Scale Modeling

    We craft precise 3D models and visualizations of architectural objects including hotels, residences, and complexes. We offer an added level of detail by including interior and exterior modeling, animated models, and panoramic landscapes.

  • Crafting Interiors

    Our interior modeling expertise stems from over a decade of designing cafeterias, home living spaces, office environments, and various other inside living spaces.

  • Exterior Design

    Building exteriors are broadly varied and require attention to specific details including fabrication techniques, project variables, and weather conditions.

  • Low-Polygon 3D Models

    Our intensive internal protocols ensure that every project, from small and simple to even the most complex are handled with a high degree of accuracy. Product designs are deeply enhanced by making use of this niche skill.

  • Sketchup Modeling

    We make use of SketchUp 3D competencies to speed up the process of design and modeling. Our streamlined processes allow us to tailor your project to match your budget and turnaround time.

Benefits of Outsourcing Architectural Projects to BOP

Back Office Pro’s architectural 3D modeling services are fully inclusive, ensuring consistent outputs, timeous delivery, and a low revision rate. Benefits of outsourcing your engineering services to Back Office Pro include:

  • Total Accuracy Our results are of the utmost accuracy, stemming from our team’s depth of experience and their adherence to our proven, iterative internal protocols. We deliver consistent, reliable results.
  • Cost Reduction We drastically reduce your operational costs by making intelligent use of our human and technical resources. Outsourcing to Back Office Pro is far more affordable than building, training, and incorporating a dedicated internal team.
  • Rapid Turn Around When you outsource architectural 3D modeling services with Back Office Pro, you benefit from our dynamically scalable team of global professionals who maintain a high productivity level to ensure fast delivery.
  • Sketch Enhancement Back Office Pro’s elite team is capable of creating professional digital versions of rough paper sketches, bringing any concept into the realm of possibility.
  • Data Security We adhere to the strictest global ISO 9001 regulations and stick to our own internal protocols to ensure the total and consistent integrity of your most important data.
  • Cutting-edge Technology Our hardware and software are chosen from the highest quality, cutting-edge technologies. Focusing on maintaining our tools and infrastructure removes the risk of technical delays and incompatibility issues.

Outsourcing 3D Architectural Modeling to BOP

Back Office Pro has over a decade of intensive experience developing high quality 3D architectural models. Our team utilizes the most up-to-date hardware and software to produce high-resolution models. We are capable of enhancing existing rough sketches into immersive, interactive 3D models. These high-quality renderings aid in planning, designing, and guiding construction projects and proposals. Reach out to our team by making use of the form on our website. We’ll get in touch fast and help you get your project up and running.