Renowned Wedding Videographer in New York City Gets a Complete Wedding Video Edited Within 5 Hours

Wedding Videgraphy Summery

Client Profile- New York Based Wedding Videographer

The client is a wedding videographer filming and photographing a wedding in New York City. She focusses on producing the emotional content, the-day, the new journey, and the day story of the couples and their friends and relatives. She and her team believe the wedding videos are more than memories; it is the happiest day in one’s life and captures the best moments with artistic craftsmanship to make it unforgettable for ages.

Client Requirement – Wedding Video Editing

The client recorded videos for weddings in New York City and wanted an outsourcing partner to help her in editing the videos to make it look perfect. The found BackOffice Pro (BOP) and got lured with our expertise, offshored her editing needed to us, and was highly satisfied with our output.

Preliminary Challenges in the Project

In the initial phase, the length of the videos, i.e., of 5-6 hours, looked like a significant challenge; however, the experts at BOP made the wedding video editing process seamless.

Customized Workflow of BackOffice Pro for Wedding Video Editing

We received the raw wedding video footage from the client, which had a time length of 5-6 hours. A team of three wedding video editors started working on it using Adobe Premiere Pro, adding all the required effects, enhancement, color grading, background objects, and delivered one final video within five business days.


Key Benefits for the Client

The client received a 40% benefit on cost, accompanied by a timely delivery of the wedding videos. She was delighted with the quality of the output we produced and contracted with us for a long-term partnership.