Leading US Based Insurance Company Gets 300 Sales Videos that Helped them Sell their Products Remotely

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Client Profile- USA Based Insurance Company

The client is a global insurance company based out in the USA that facilitates real estate transactions with the comprehensive title insurance protection and professional settlement services. They serve home builders, developers, mortgage lenders, home buyers and sellers, legal professionals, real estate agents to close the deals and protect the investment. They also empower their customers with economic and market insights on real estate and mortgage.

Client Requirement – Sales Pitch Video

The client wanted to reach out to their potential customers and sell their products remotely. They recorded the raw footage of their sales pitches from cellphones, tablets, and was looking for partnering with a company that could help them in editing and enhancing the videos. Coming across BackOffice Pro (BOP), they were highly impressed with our expertise and signed up with us with a contract of editing 300 sales videos of 1 minute each.

Preliminary Challenges in the Project

Initially, the volume of 300 videos within a short deadline was a challenge, but our experienced team of video editors made it possible, delivering 15 videos within 24 hours.

Custom-made Process of BackOffice Pro for Sales Video Editing

We received the raw footage of approximately one minute, recorded with the cellphone, tablet, etc., along with the script from the client. A team of two video editors used Premiere Pro to enhance the video with the branding element, titles, and subtitles, color grading, synced audio and video, eliminated the background noise, and delivered. The client was pleased with the quality.


Key Benefits for the Client

The client got skilled resources to work on the project and saved 60% on cost. They also received 15 videos every 24 hours, which made them highly satisfied that they partnered us for ongoing projects.