BOP Helped High-profile Couple in Developing Their Wedding Video from Raw Clips Innovatively Filmed by Attendees with Phone Cameras

About the Client

The client, a high-profile celebrity and billionaire business person with a large media exposure and social media following wanted to create a distinctive and classy wedding event that respected the privacy of their high-profile guests. Taking a creative approach, the client requested that guests film the wedding on their smartphones instead through videographers.

The guests made their contribution to documenting the special event in their unique way. 300 separate video files were to be edited professionally into one wedding video, and a separate highlights reel, highlighting the special events.

The client was looking for an outsourcing partner to create a spectacular wedding video that would meet the expectations of their guests and media followers. The most important concern was that the privacy of all those present at the event would be respected and that the raw clips were being used ethically and professionally.

Project Challenges

  • More than 300 clips were watched and sorted to begin the editing process.
  • Clips were captured on various devices throughout the day with major lighting inconsistencies.
  • There was no media management system in place for the videos.

Solutions by BackOffice Pro

Our team approached the challenges using our comprehensive step-wise process from the very first communication with the client, to project completion. Once the finer details had been agreed upon, the team proceeded with the task:

  • Unique challenge

    The challenging nature of this project is what makes it so unique. Hundreds of clips, shot from different angles, distances, and in different lighting conditions were sourced from the guests. The next step was to compare, sort, and combine them into an engaging story that captured the beauty and collective creativity that defined the event.

  • Personalized creative effort

    As this project was centered on a special life event for our client, we made an initial effort to understand their personal views thoroughly. Their requirements on the theme, the sequence of the events, and other preferences were taken into account to deliver the one-of-a-kind video that the client was looking for.

  • Special-effect approach

    Special attention was required to process ‘highlight moments’ that were filmed by tens of guests at the same time. Matching sequences were stitched into movie-like effects, while clips from different angles were selected to create smart transitions.

  • Chronological storyboard

    The technical process began with the team arranging the clips into a media management tool and creating a chronological storyboard. Close-ups and details were integrated throughout the video to add to the genuine feel of the filming and to emphasize emotion.

  • Technical process

    The technical process of this project was merely an addition to the creative effort of which we are proud. The raw videos had to be sourced and curated for each stage of the ceremony. The videos required various video enhancements, quality improvements, stitching, rendering, and special effects that were all professionally implemented using Adobe Premier Pro.


Project Takeaways

As requested, one 35-minute wedding video and one 5-minute highlight reel were delivered. The end-result exceeded client expectations and no additional alterations from the first draft were required.

On our side, though we are always open to challenge, this project was a landmark for our team. Working on it, afforded us the opportunity to experience the power of crowdsourcing a creative endeavor firsthand.