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Outsourcing with Back Office Pro (BOP) gives clients access to a team of experts who utilize state of the art tools to perform Data Enrichment to enhance, validate, consolidate, and correct information. BOP’s Data Enrichment team creates consistency and accuracy throughout client databases and files for better organization and uniformity of data. Our devotion to quality in both practice and technique enables BOP to accomplish Data Enrichment projects swiftly while abiding by client prescribed specifications.

We offer reliable solutions for improving data for all areas of business, including marketing management with CRM Database and Marketing Database enrichment options. Additionally, Back Office strives to perfect the outsourcing experience with a span of Data Enrichment services that extends to resource arrangement and planning, and providing a channel for companies to off-load their Data Enrichment staff.

BOP’s Data Enrichment Entry Skill Sets

Comprised of highly trained professionals, BOP’s team exhibits an unwavering approach to quality in detail, technical procedures, and customer care for every data enrichment endeavor.

  • FTE personnel are available to facilitate single project initiatives, resource administration procedures, and client consultation with an all-encompassing spectrum of valuable data enrichment skills.
  • Data Enrichment Specialist Enhances and normalizes data with relevant information such as images, product attributes, manufacturer specifications, or standard units of measure. Corrects or deletes erroneous and obsolete data. Skilled in SSIS, SSAS, SQL, PL/SQL, and BOP’s proprietary software.
  • Data Enrichment Analyst Provides strategic insight based upon data sources, and assists Data Enrichment Specialists in targeting areas of improvement within client’s databases for consolidation and standardization. Advanced proficiency in Excel, Visio, Access, Oracle, and command line experience with loading and altering data within HDFS.
  • Senior Data Enrichment Specialist Enriches data based upon client requirements and provided sources, which may include normalizing, cleansing, or consolidation of data. Ability to manipulate data to form unified data sets for further analysis as needed. Expert command of SQL queries languages, NoSQL technologies, HDFS, and RDBMS. Proficient in MS Access, Oracle, and Excel.
  • Data Enrichment Team Manager Implements and maintains administrative methods for data enrichment operation to refine the quality of both the process and the result. Experienced with BOP’s specialty data enrichment software, as well as SQL, C++, and API languages.
  • All team members are able to apply evaluative skills for data curation in order to properly map data and improve enrichment procedure, better targeting disparate information issues such as redundancies, inaccuracies, and incomplete data.
  • Specialists utilize proprietary data scrubbing software to diagnose and correct informational errors, employing tactics such as algorithms, defined rules, and look-up tables.
  • BOP’s specialists are able to enrich and assemble data from numerous sources including, but not limited to, SQL, Teradata, Oracle, Hadoop, Altered, Qlikview, and RDBMS.

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Data Enrichment Outsourcing Process

BOP has constructed a streamlined process for Outsource Data Enrichment that offers clients versatile, cost effective options for all possible enterprises.

  • Pricing and Resource Administration Options An all-inclusive fee is determined, and our team prepares resource administration options that may include materials, human resources, technical equipment, or monetary objectives.
  • Initial Training and Knowledge Transfer Initial training process occurs, with a focus on broad concepts, basic education, and guidance from BOP’s Data Enrichment team members. We work closely with clients and personnel to ensure transferal of knowledge is detailed and absolute.
  • Project Evaluation and Offer Preparatory steps are taken to ensure mutual communication between the client and BOP’s Data Enrichment team, beginning with a thorough project evaluation and a comparable offer.
  • Business Contract BOP drafts a business contract that may contain Work Orders or Non-Disclosure Agreements, pending client approval.
  • Comprehensive On-Site Training Procedures BOP’s emphasis on human resources enables us to best position our data capture team to bestow on-location knowledge, progressive techniques, and incomparable education to inbound personnel for a considerate and effective transition process.

Outsourcing Advantages from Back Office Pro

Business can count on innumerable advantages when contracting BOP to handle all Data Enrichment projects, including resource management, database overhauling, and personnel training.

  • BOP provides options for applying enrichment techniques to CRM and Marketing Databases so that clients can more easily access and manage customer based content such as purchasing history, contact information, and demographic data.
  • Ability to validate targeted types of data for formatting errors, including numerical inaccuracies like post office codes or phone numbers, locating duplicate information, and identifying missing data.
  • As outsourcing experts following ISO9000:2008 industry standards, our team practices strict protocols for handling sensitive information during the data enrichment process, conforming to Back Office’s companywide guidelines for best practices.
  • Access to a certified, educated team of data enrichment personnel who streamline resource management solutions in accordance to client defined budget, schedule, and project requirements.
  • BOP features an exclusive, carefully crafted method of receiving business’s off-loaded data enrichment teams, implementing procedures that take all levels of personnel experience into consideration prior to training.
  • We feature exclusive data enrichment software to translate, merge, cleanse, and correct data from any raw sources including multiple databases, web based material, or customer databases.

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