37000 Resumes are Uploaded in the CRM Famous Recruiting Technology Company in the USA

Resume Uploadingss

Client Profile: Leading Recruiting Technology Platform in the USA

The client is a leading recruiting service provider designed to match the major companies with the right talents. They are a talent marketplace providing talent solutions for the hospitality industry.

Client Requirement: Resume Uploading Services

The client wanted to partner with a company that could help them with uploading a vast volume of resumes in their CRM. Partnering with BackOffice Pro, they got the best services from the experts and was highly satisfied with our services.

Initial Challenges in the Project

The requirement of uploading 37000 resumes in their CRM following the SOP was challenging initially. We had to work closely with their IT team to get the correct password for all the accounts. Our experts and vast experience helped us to combat the challenge and work smoothly.

Tailor-made Approach from BOP for the Project

The client asked for a trial, and we qualified in that. Upon receiving the approval, five experts started working on the project in tandem with five agents with an SOP. They trained the five resources practically on the CRM. We uploaded more than 2000 resumes per week.


Significant Advantages for the Client

The client was highly satisfied with all our deliverables as they received quality service while saving time and cost. They signed up with us for their long-term requirements.