Ecommerce Healthcare Specialists Receive Quick and Accurate Invoices from Data Capturing Specialists

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The Client - Leading Ecommerce and Healthcare Solution Specialists

Located in Canada, the client has innumerable healthcare providers based in the US. Their user portal, which mainly focuses on the dynamics of supply and demand in this sector caters to more than 8,000 registered vendors & 2,000 hospital and clinic facilities. The client offers the best business process solution for healthcare facilities that want to streamline their operations.

Requirements for the Invoice Delivery Service Project

The client found us through an online search and got in touch through an online inquiry form. They approached us for a project involving the invoices they receive from their clients. They had large number of varied invoices coming in, and hence required someone to streamline the process to effectively capture all the required details and enter the data into their CRM platform. We had to work through each invoice and all of them needed to be processed within 24 hours.

Challenges Tackled By Our Team

The main challenge faced by our seven-member team, while working on this project was the massive number of invoices that needed to be processed in such a short amount of time. Besides, we had to also cater to various health partners; all with varied details. Further, the client expected a constant connection with our team to assess and monitor our progress. in order to monitor our progress.

We were keen to overcome these challenges and exceed client expectations. Hence, we divided our team of data specialists. While one team worked in the day, the other group worked with the client in the night, which enabled us to establish a more effective and constant workflow. Due to this, we were also able to provide keen attention healthcare provider’s invoices.

A Stepwise Process was Adopted

Our team of data specialists worked through varied volumes of work that had to be completed within 24 hours per batch.

We Incorporated a Step-by-Step Process:

  • The client entrusted us with the project on completion of a trial-period, in which we completed a few invoices to showcase our data capturing skills.
  • Next, we began working on the main volume of invoices that required processing
  • The invoices were sent to us via a PDF transfer, and we started dividing the workload between our day shift team and the night-shift team for effective processing of invoices.
  • We extracted the required information and transferred it to the client’s CRM platform.
  • We had to provide a final report every 24 hours listing down the invoices that had been successfully completed.


End Results

By choosing to outsource the invoice delivery service to us, the client saved an average of 60% in processing costs. It also ensured a smoother operation and reduced stress.

The client was glad that each invoice was captured perfectly, and all required information was presented in a user-friendly manner. They were so satisfied with the results that they have since then assigned similar projects to our data capturing team.

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