Atlanta Based Photography Company Partnered with Back Office Pro to Process 2 Million Image Forms Annually

The Client

The client is a photography company based in Atlanta that specializes in events, sports, and school photography. Established 29 years ago, they have worked closely with many local communities across the nation. With 42 direct outlets and 225 franchises across the nation, it has established itself as a national player in the US. Every year it photographs close to 2 million children!

The client offers many photography related services and products. These include

  • In in-house lab customized to handle more than 2 million photos annually.
  • Products like mouse pads, mugs, T-shirts, calendars, memory mates, plaques, stadium cards, clipboards and more.

The Situation- Business Need

Since its inception, the client had grown at a steadily upward pace. To handle their rapidly growing operational functions, it had on its payroll a two-member team. However, even this delegation was proving to be inadequate in dealing with its flood of forms that needed constant processing.

The Challenges

The client’s business and unique needs posed its own set of challenges. These were:

  • A form processing solution had to be devised to meet the client rapidly growing volumes.
  • The forms were hand-written and had to be converted to digital format.
  • Establishing quality control so that accuracy of processed forms is ensured.
  • Training the staff further to ensure that the established systems were maintained with efficiency.

The Back Office Pro Solution

With our background in handling form processing, we could identify the weak spots. A team was formed to work with the client’s own team. It was entrusted to analyze and offer the most viable solutions. We came up with a step by step solution, which included:

  • Identifying and appointing a team with past expertise in form processing. In addition, they had also handled hand-written forms in the past.
  • Arranging and executing additional training to ensure that the staff could execute their functions according to the client’s expectations. The comprehensive training module was designed to fulfill every project criteria and included processing of sample forms.
  • Feedback was sought by the client based on sample forms. These were then incorporated on a priority basis.
  • Establishing a quality control mechanism that would ensure the accuracy of the processed forms.
  • Ensuring the security of the client’s data.


The Results

Our work with the client left some lasting impact on their work processes and output:

  • The client was able to boost their processing capacity to more than double its previous volume – from 200 to 500 forms a week.
  • With better and more pro-active quality control, the client was able to significantly improve the quality in their processing. The correction rate after our updating came down to a very manageable 3% from a much higher 40%.
  • The client was also able to save money with our very cost-effective solutions. We completed the project in a very short span, while improving their quality and increasing their output. The improved mechanism made their mechanism further cost effective.
  • With greater efficiency, the client was able to establish more frequent database updates – every 24 hours.