US Timeshare Company Used BOP Expertise to Develop Prospect Database and Increased Application Processing Capacity to 25,000 Forms a Day

The Client

The client is one of the leading timeshare companies in the US. It is one of the pioneers in the field of point-based timeshare and has the distinction of developing the third largest vacation ownership program in the world. Today the company runs resorts in not just the US, but also Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and Fiji. These can be accessed by more than 200,000 timeshare owners.

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the world’s largest hotel franchisor, vacation exchange network and vacation Ownership Company as well as a Fortune 500 Company.

The Project

The client needed to create a database of potential customers as well as a form processing system. They can then invite these targeted customers for a seminar where they are requested to fill up forms. These were then scanned and sent to India via a secured FTP.

To make this more efficient, and easier, we designed internet-based software that focused on indexing and search functions. The data was indexed and a database was created to make search easier. This served as a vital marketing tool. As a CRM platform, the database was used by the client’s call centre for new business development and to provide access to potential customers.

The client’s business is spread geographically with regional units. To coordinate and work with such a spread-out operation, we had to deploy a 40-member team with a team lead. These members were entrusted to constantly stay in touch and communicate with the client’s regional units.

The Back Office Pro Solution

This project offered us challenges in terms of both scale and time. The client needed prompt processing service for a massive operation that was big in terms of both geographical spread and volumes generated:

  • We established a process where a secure server was used to upload the data in the US. Every morning it would be downloaded in India and our team would complete processing and uploading within 12 hours.
  • We had daily as well as weekly targets. These included backlogs. With this bulk, our team would be working from anywhere to 15,000 to 25,000 forms a day.
  • Feedback was sought regularly. Our team would hold monthly or bi-monthly web conferences with the regional Vice Presidents and Project managers. A review of our services was also invited.
  • High priority was given to client feedback to ensure that both quality and punctuality was maintained.


The Results

Our dedicated and prompt service received high praise and appreciation from the client:

  • The client previously worked with a US-based vendor. However, with our quality control, we were able to provide substantially better work with significantly lower error rate. This was duly appreciated by the client.
  • We started out with form processing for one region for the client. Satisfied with our high standards, the clients awarded us with their entire US and South Pacific operations. This was a clear indication of the client’s satisfaction and faith in us.