BackOffice Pro’s Engineering Team Developed Low Poly 3D Models to be Used in Virtual Gaming

The Client – Virtual Game Developer

Our client is a Budapest-based virtual game developer. Looking to expand their product line, they were searching for an outsourcing partner with expertise in virtual reality and gaming. With our extensive history in working on similar projects, the client approached us with a specific requirement of developing low poly models of game maps within a tight deadline.

Requirement to Create Low Poly Models

BackOffice Pro was asked to create a selection of low poly models to be used in VR gaming and headsets. Upon receiving the CAD files containing floor plans and elevations, our team was quickly put to task, delving into the developmental stages with absolute dedication and attention to detail.

Challenges Faced by BOP’s Engineering Team

In addition to the tight deadline, the BackOffice Pro team faced some issues regarding quality and resolution. The client had provided us the files that were imported into 3DSMAX instead of separate DWG files. As a result, we couldn’t determine the exact resolution of the CAD files. AutoCAD files (original DWG) would have been greatly improved the quality of the final output files.

Process Outline for This Project

Our step-wise process (from the requirement to delivery):

  • After an initial meeting with the client, during which we discussed the full scope of the project and one dedicated resource was assigned to the task.
  • We developed a delivery method which enabled us to create two models per day.
  • We received the CAD files (2D floor plans and elevations) imported via 3DSMAX as input from the client. 3DSMAX was used to build the doors, windows, and other intricate parts of the model.
  • Final output files were prepared for delivery in the form of .fbx (ideal for using in 3D animation software), and .3ds file formats.
  • All the deliverables went through a though QC process and sent to the client for review. Once the client approved, the project was closed.


Benefits: Quality Deliverables – Happy Client

From the day one of the projects, the team at BackOffice Pro had the aim of maintaining the quality of the deliverables, and that cinched this project for us. This large project, although challenging regarding not-so-great-quality input files and tight timelines, was by no means insurmountable. Our team delivered speedy results that were cost-effective and of the highest caliber.