Woodwork Consultant from Germany gets Factory Automation Animation Video Services

3D Animation Project Synopsis

Client Profile- Germany-based Woodwork Consultant

The client is a veteran, operating in Germany for more than 50 years on woodworking and furniture industry and component manufacturing. They have international correlations and are experts in all facets of the market. Having completed over projects with around 2000 customers, and well adept with the woodwork standards around the world, they aim at providing their clients with sustainable improvements, with competitive advantages. As woodworking engineers, business economists, and project managers, the clients provide product engineering and design, management consultation, quality assurance, flow design for woodwork and furniture industry. They are part of a leading technology and service partner in the woodworking industry.

Client Requirement: Factory Automation Animation Video

The client was looking for a company that can assist them in creating a virtual representation of an automated factory to help their client to raise project capital. They checked our website and partnered with BackOffice Pro and received an accurate 5-mins factory automation animation video.

Challenges BOP Faced Initially in Factory Automation Animation Video Project

Initially, the BOP team faced the challenge of understanding the imaginary visual intent of the client, along with time being a constraint. With kickoff meetings and the team worked more than 700 hours within 45 days for basic modeling, animation, rendering, correction, and postproduction. We were able to combat the challenges and meet the requirements We used all our rendering resources to accomplish this project on time. The client paid us premium for the additional hours of work.

Animation Team

The Tailored Approach of the BOP to Create Factory Automation Animation Videos

BOP team strategized step-by-step workflow to meet the client’s requirements:

  • We received the storyboard and layout of the factory with the basic area of the land, dimensions of the would-be factory, type of types of machinery required, and the process details.
  • A kickoff meeting was organized to understand the client’s perspectives, the dos, and don’ts and express our understanding.
  • From the storyboard, we started the drawing and modeling
  • We divided the video into several sequences or paths – 1 min per path
  • Once we completed the 1 path, we shared it with the client, worked on the feedback received, and proceeded with the 2nd 3rd and 4th draft of the sequences.
  • After 5 individual minutes were covered, we cumulated all the parts, making it a single video and shared it again with the client.
  • We did the rendering of the video for the client to see the color.
  • After approval, we completed the post-production to add lighting, glossy finishing, music, and credits.
  • We worked on SketchUp and V-Ray to give the best Factory Automation Animation Videos


Benefits the client Received from BOP

BOP team worked within a very short time to complete the project. The client saved 60% on resource costs and got a high-quality team to work on their project. On account of our expertise, we shared our ideas on how best the video can be produced. The client was highly satisfied with the deliverable and tied up with us for ongoing projects.