Recreating 12,000 Minutes of Animated Videos for a London Based Studio

stop motion project summery

The Client – A Leading Animation Studio Company, Home to a Global Team of Design Artists

The client is one of London’s leading animation studios and is home to a team of expert illustrators, animators, sound designers, and storytellers from various parts of the globe. The team together handles both large and small projects. They work on multiple animation videos, whether it be explainer videos, or innovative, playful and artistic Instagram stories to promote services, new product lines, and exhibitions.

Requirements for the Video Recreation Project

The client wanted an animation partner to recreate approximately 12,000 minutes of videos. The exercise included improving visuals, deleting mistakes, and removing duplicate content, among others. The client had created a video template for our team to adhere to their model and high editing standards.

Challenges Tackled by Our Team

The client required high-quality animation videos delivered in a short time-span. So, a quick turnaround was a huge challenge for our 25-editor team, as they had to deliver up to 300 hours of videos every month.

Our enthusiastic team accepted the challenge and established a reliable communication system with the client. The team communicated with the client’s team at every level, thereby removing any chance for doubt or mistake. Our team was hence able to accurately understand the client’s expectations and deliver them exactly what they wanted. Transparency and a good understanding of the client’s expectations ensured that the team moved in the right direction.

A Stepwise Process was Adopted

BackOffice Pro’s team of video editors understood the client’s requirement and established an organized step by step process to avoid errors and to ensure the smooth delivery of work.

  • The client shared the videos through file transfer software developed by BackOffice Pro
  • The team immediately plunged into work and recreated the videos as per the client requirement
  • Our team then share the completed file with the client on the same file transfer software
  • The team updated the final report every 24 hours listing down the completed invoices

End Results

Client Benefit: Thanks to the effort and perseverance of the team, the client received high-quality videos while saving up to save up to 70% in cost. They also enjoyed a quick turnaround time, which they were excited about.

Benefits at our end: On our part, we exceeded the client’s expectations, thereby winning their trust so much so that they have decided to increase the scale of the project.