BackOffice Pro Provided 3D Walkthrough and Artistic Visualizations of Buildings for a US-based Real Estate Firm

About Our Real Estate Client

The client is reputed real estate firm in the US. With many commercial and residential projects onto their belt, the client was interested in marketing their building in new and innovative ways. This thought led the firm to think of creating 3D walkthrought of the buildings to present them to their customers in an interactive way.

Value Addition from Our Team

Our team pitched the creation of a more interactive experience by including the following, to which the client consented:

  • A pop-up information display appears when color-coded sections of the building are highlighted with a mouse-over gesture. This display would show the architectural features of the selected zone with a description of its unique significance.
  • A 360-degree version of the skeleton view of each location to provide an enhanced cross-sectional display.

Challenges That We Faced

The client wanted us to locate and identify a long list of buildings using only Google Earth links. Each build structure required scanning, rendering, and plotting using 3D animation software. Every 3D walkthrough created from the links required zone-specific color coding and 3D Mapping. Also, appropriate annotations needed to be created to fully convey the intention and meaning behind the models, as well as further clarifications. So, it was a lot of tasks for one project to be completed within a short deadline.

Client’s 3D Walkthrough and Visualization Requirements

The client was looking for an outsourcing partner offering 3D walkthrough services to handle their visualization requirements. The client provided direct links to Google Earth coordinates of the various buildings, and BackOffice Pro (BOP) was given the task of creating the following:

  • Artistic 3D walkthroughs of the buildings
  • Skins for each building
  • 3D animation of the skeleton of each location
  • Isolated artistic visualizations of each structure
  • Visualizations including the desired surrounding features
  • Color coding for each building using the client’s data
  • Specific sections of each structure color coded and rendered in 3D

How BOP Handled the Project

We approached this project by following our step-wise process, ensuring efficiency right up to delivery:

  • The team received the list of Google Earth links from the client and got to work locating the desired buildings.
  • The 3D walkthrough was developed to enhance the creative feel of the client’s website.
  • Our team drew up skeleton view images for each location.
  • A 360-degree skeleton model of each structure was developed with artistic touches.
  • After that, we rendered images of the buildings in isolation, as well as with their surrounding areas.
  • We categorized the building as per their utility and color-coded different sections of the structures.
  • Appropriate and self-explanatory annotations and tagging of specific zones were developed and verified.
  • During the course of the project, we used 3ds Max, AfterEffects, and Maya. The final output in the form of the 3D walkthrough video and all the annotation details were delivered to the client.


Project Summary

The project was successful, and our team delivered the final product on time. Both BackOffice Pro and the client gained a great deal from this project:

  • Our client benefitted from a timely completed project at a very competitive price and thus saved their company both time and money while freeing up internal resources for key tasks.
  • Similarly, we are benefitted from delivering yet another project on time, building a relationship with the client based on trust and results, and the prospect of further partnerships in the future on upcoming projects.