High Impact Business Explainer Video Animation for Netherland Based Relocation Service Company

3D Animation Project Synopsis

The Client

The client, headquartered in Netherland, is a group of relocation service providers, providing solutions for loading and unloading for decades. Apart from advising, designing, manufacturing, supporting, installing, and servicing, the client offers complete solution for loading and unloading in the form of industrial doors, docking systems, and service. Over the years, the client has earned a prestigious name for themselves for their high-quality work and inclusive benefits they offer.

Requirement and Client Expectations

The client reached out to us as they wanted an outsourcing partner with expertise in 3D animation services.

The client wanted us to create five 2-minute HD videos that revealed the process of how their services work. We were to include their equipment, the company environment, details of how they transported the goods, and how the vehicle is loaded and unloaded. They shared a series of videos, technical sketches, script, voiceover, and operation details to help us create these high-quality explainer videos that served as a walkthrough for promotional and informational purposes.

Challenges Handled by the Team

Working under a tight deadline was one of the main challenges faced by the five-member team, considering that we had to include company information in comparatively short videos.

Each frame of the video was checked to include as much detail as we could into the final videos.

We wanted to ensure that we deliver the best product and services to our client, and so we hired highly experienced animation specialists. We broke the sections into two pairs. The team spent considerable time in planning and drafting the sketches, thereby completing a significant amount of work in a short time-frame.

Animation Team

Adopting a Step-Wise Process and Solution

After studying the requirements, we worked on 3D animation project to ensure we meet or even exceed their expectations.

A five-member team was devised to work over 15 days, using a combination of Maya and 3DS Max. The group followed these steps:

  • We first discussed with the client our joint goal and ways to achieve it.
  • We created a storyboard based on the client inputs and video footages. We showcased how exactly we planned to complete each step.
  • Apart from this, we also sent them a concept model for a mid-project review.
  • We began working on the first draft of the video series after the client approved the model concept.
  • These were then sent to our QC and later to the client for their viewing and consent.


End Benefits – Results and Profits

The team used all the industry knowledge available at our disposal to deliver the client the product that they required. The client not only managed to save 60% in cost but also got their services provided to them as per schedule and in the most professional manner possible.

The client was extremely impressed with our work and has since requested for more projects from us.