US Based Entrepreneur Outsourced Voicemail Transcription While Setting a New Audio Transcription Company

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Meet the Client: US Based Entrepreneur

The client is an entrepreneur in the process of setting up an audio transcription service in the US.

Objective Behind the Voicemail Transcription

The client had a considerable voicemail database, which required to be transcribed to keep a detailed record.




Challenges for the Client for Voicemail Transcription

The client was setting up an audio transcription service for customers. This was done by providing a toll-free number where people could call in and leave a message. Customers could then assess the message from the stored digital files. The entire project required a four-part implementation, including:

  • Web design
  • Website/customer database hosting
  • Website/customer database hosting
  • Transcription

However, the client was facing challenges in handling the whole task by himself. He decided to hire an outsourcing partner from India to get the best quality output.

Voicemail Transcription Support from BackOffice Pro

When the client approached us, we engaged our 5-stage situational analysis for this project to reach a holistic solution. This included:

  • The client’s targeted industry and customers
  • The transcription solutions he was offering to his clients
  • Evaluating the client’s expertise in transcription
  • Gauging our capabilities in web design, web site hosting, and customer database hosting.
  • Determining the coordination with the client’s existing technological set-up.

Back Office Pro has qualified and experienced IT support. Our technology center was well equipped to handle the client’s web design requirements and customized software development. We devised a dual-edged solution to create both the client’s website and its back-end processes. We also suggested alternative technologies, hosting services, third-party hosting services, payment gateway providers, digital SSL certificates, etc. The client chose from packages that included proactive management to further enhancements.

Voice Transcription Outcomes

Our holistic solutions were much appreciated by the client. Our multifaceted solutions resulted in:

  • Confiding with us for all the solutions made the project cost-effective and manageable.
  • Managing website proactively.
  • Maintaining website promptly along with development and modifications
  • Measuring quality checks such as reporting, disaster recovery, transition management, project management, etc..

As a result of our comprehensive approach, we had a very happy and satisfied client who started by being uncertain about our capabilities but ended up offering us all their requirements for a holistic solution.

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