US Based Production House Achieved Maximum Output and Saved Time by Outsourcing Video Transcription for their New Show

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At BackOffice Pro (BOP), we provide infallible video transcription services for media companies, broadcasting studios, and videographers. We are one of India's major outsourcing companies supporting the transcription needs of global companies in the media industry. Our services are customized to meet the clients’ requirements when they have an influx of work. We work as the back-office team of the client, eradicating the need for hiring an in-house team at the clients’ location. Our experienced transcription team is well-versed in managing projects of all sizes.


Meet the Client: Leading Media Production in the US

The client is a leading media production house based in the US, producing various TV programs, children shows, and video content for their clients and target audiences.

Objective Behind the Video Transcription Project

The major goal behind the video transcription requirement was to create a usable text of the recorded videos for the new show to be preserved better.




Challenges Faced by the Client on Video Transcription

The client was in the process of shooting a new show. This involved many live videos of different time lengths, which required to be transcribed in a quick turnaround time. The client had previously approached other established offshore outsourcing firms on this project. However, they were unable to find anyone who could commit to the short deadline. Finally, they found BackOffice Pro promising and hired us due to our precision.

Video Transcription Support from BackOffice Pro

At Back Office Pro, we decided to meet this challenge head-on. We took a proactive approach to see that the work was completed in the short turnaround time. We had some of our most skilled and accomplished transcriptionists chalking out a plan of action. Given the enormous volume of work, we decided to divide the work between two international delivery centers.

The project was assigned to the capable transcriptionists at each of these centers providing the details. They were given detailed instructions on the project’s fine points and the delivery schedules. Duties and accountabilities were assigned to each expert in the project. The team then set up a coordination system for efficient project management. They kept a steady communication channel with the client to make sure that the schedule was maintained smoothly. In the end, we delivered an accurate video transcription within a short period while managing the project exceptionally. The client highly lauded our innovative efforts.

Video Transcription Outcome

The client was able to derive two key benefits from partnering with us:

  • Managed time efficiently with our deliverables
  • Saved considerable amount owing to our affordable rates
  • Used our transcriptions in time for their show

Our painstakingly accurate work and punctuality were praised highly by the client as they needed it urgently. Pleased with our quality standards and promptness, they have turned out to be a long-term client.

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