US Based Production House Achieved Maximum Output and Efficient Time Management by Outsourcing Transcription to Back Office Pro

The Client

The client is a leading media production house, based in the US. They were a first time client. Their satisfaction with our services can be gauged by the fact that the client is now one of our regular customers.

The Project

The client was in the process of shooting a new show. This involved a large number of live videos. They required these videos to be transcribed in a quick turnaround time.

The Challenge

We had to transcribe a large number of live videos in a very short time span. The videos were of different lengths. Our main challenge lay in transcribing these videos in the short time span specified.

In fact, the client had previously approached other established offshore outsourcing firms on this project. However, they were unable to find anyone who could commit to the short deadline.

The Back Office Pro Solution

At Back Office Pro we decided to meet this challenge head on. We took a proactive approach and took all actions to see that the work was completed in the short turnaround time. Our innovative efforts were highly lauded by the client.

Our process involved the following features:

  • Exhaustive plan: We had some of our most skilled and accomplished transcriptionists chalk out a plan of action. Given the large volume of work, they decided to divide the work between two international delivery centers.
  • Assigning duties: Next, they looked for capable transcriptionists at each of these centers. They were then given detailed instructions on the project's fine points and the delivery schedules. Duties and accountabilities were assigned for each person in the project.
  • Working together: The team set up a coordination system for efficient project management. They kept a steady communication channel with the client to make sure there were no misunderstandings and to make sure that the schedule was maintained smoothly. This helped us to speed up our deliveries.

In the end, we were successful in delivering our project within the specified turnaround time. This was also delivered at very reasonable rates. Our delivery included:

  • Expert project management
  • Skilled transcriptionists who were driven to complete the project in a short time.
  • High level of quality maintenance with a very low margin of error

The Result

The client was able to derive two key benefits as a direct result of our efficient project management:

  • Considerable cuts in costs
  • Efficient time management

However, perhaps the most important benefit that the client derived was their ability to use our transcriptions in time for their show. Our painstakingly accurate work and time keeping was praised highly by the client. They were especially appreciative of the fact that our services were delivered when they needed it urgently. Pleased with our quality standards and punctuality, they have now opted to be our regular customers.

The Result

Our holistic solutions were much appreciated by the client. Our multifaceted solutions resulted in:

  • All solutions with a single vendor (no mention of multiple vendors), which made the project cost-effective and manageable.
  • Proactive management of website.
  • Prompt resolution of maintenance issues
  • Development and modifications to the website.
  • Quality check measures such as reporting, disaster recovery, transition management, project management etc instituted.


As a result of our comprehensive approach, we had a very happy and satisfied client who started off by being uncertain about our capabilities, but by the end, our services we won our client over through our holistic solutions..