US Based TV Production House Received Transcriptions at Record Turnaround with 50% Cost Cut

The Client

The client is a full-service state-of-the-art television production house, based in Tampa, FL. The client has produced over 400 television episodes that ranged from different categories of animation to docu-soaps. They also run a HD facility in Tampa.

The Project

The client had amassed a massive backlog in both video and audio recordings, which had to be transcribed urgently. Since they had worked with us before, we were assigned the project after a solo trial.

The Challenges

This particular project had its own set of challenges that included:

  • We had to appoint a team that was qualified and had previously worked on similar projects.
  • Making sure that our output more than matched the client expectations
  • Working fast to finish the backlog of files without any compromise in quality

The Back Office Pro Solution

We assigned a team with qualification and experience who had shown their efficiency in the past. This was essential in ensuring that the quality was maintained despite the short time schedule for the project.

  • Appointing a team with proven expertise and the efficiency
  • Constant supervision to ensure that high quality was maintained throughout.
  • As per our own strict quality standards and to ensure consistency of the transcriptions, random checks by project managers were also carried out.
  • We were able to complete our transcriptions within the allotted time.


The Result

Our diligent services gave the clients many benefits:

  • Audio transcriptions amounting to 2-3 hours were delivered every alternate day. This prompt service saved a lot of time for the client.
  • The average audio transcriptions cost in the US is around $75 per hour. Our pricing, on the other hand was only around $35. This meant significant cost saving by the client.