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BackOffice Pro’s Script Transcription Support

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a world leader in transcription services catering to global companies with a wide array of transcription services for movie scripts, audio, and video content, legal documents, insurance documents, business podcasts, webcasts, conferences, music, and many more. Our experts offer remarkable and speedy delivery with flexible outsourcing options. Having an extensive experience of serving various production companies, studios, for different transcription requirements, we are the trusted partner for several global businesses for our high-quality transcription for various business requirements.


Client Profile- London Based Media Production Company

The client is an award-winning global media production company specialized in multi-platform media and connecting with people with their iconic brands, targeted content, and cutting-edge technology. Founded in 1985, they have more than 300 digital brands, print publications, and events across the world. They cater to their audience by providing interesting journals and stories of different personalities, cultures, societies, better and weird truths from different corners of the world. They present stories that are unknown and unsaid to the world.

Client Requirement – Script Transcription Services

There was a requirement of transcribed scripts to arrange the movie in order. Since the volume of transcription requirement was enormous, so they wanted to partner with an experienced company to support them in their transcription needs. BackOffice Pro (BOP) was their choice based on our vast experience and expertise. They signed up with us for the project and received the best transcription services.





Movie Script Transcription


$10000 a month

Early Challenges in the Project

In the early stage working on the large volume script to be transcribed and delivering the output with high quality and accuracy were challenging. We increased the team strength and with a customized process and operational strategies we combated the challenge with great ease.

Tailor-made Steps of BackOffice Pro for Transforming the Transcription Needs

Once we received the inputs from the client, we increased the team strength to cater to the large volume of script transcription. We delivered the high-quality output within the stipulated time, and the scriptwriters and screenplay directors went through the transcription to arrange their movie.

Notable Benefits the Client Received from BOP

The client is so much overwhelmed by our output that they hired us for an ongoing and continuous back office support for the media production company. We support all their transcription and captioning requirements.

General Transcription CTA

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Transcribe all your business documents in an easy-to-understand format, which could be preserved well for future reference and as a support to the original document. Contact us to get more information on our transcription services and how you can outsource your business requirements to us while availing of our outsourcing benefits.

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