US Based Technology Firm Discovers Market Opportunities with Precise Porter’s Analysis in 16 Hours Turnaround

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Meet the Client: Leading Technology Firm in the US

A client is a leading technology consulting firm based in the US. They were looking into the international smart card industry.

Objective of the Market Research Requirement

The client was planning to launch a smart card; therefore, they were looking to prepare an accurate market research report on the international smart card industry.




Research Model

Porter’s Analysis

Turnaround Time

16 hours

Client’s Challenges Market Research

The client needed a report on market opportunities in the international smart card industry. The report had to be a detailed porter analysis of the industry. They needed this report in a very short span of time of 24 hours. The report had to be based on internet research.

The client had a very specific model of research in mind. Since they were looking for a Porter analysis, our team had to base their report on Porter’s premises. The research was executed according to the five points that decide a market’s attractiveness. The report also had to include a quick reference-request within a standard format. All this had to be compiled within the stipulated 24 hours.

BackOffice Pro Custom Support on the Market Research Report

To begin with, our team first had to understand the client’s brief in all its intricacies. The team was selected based on their skill as web researchers. This team was entrusted with carrying out comprehensive research. The outcome of the research was then carefully assembled. The task of preparing the basic report was given to management graduates.

This basic report was then evaluated by a team of experienced project managers. Their function was not just a review of the report. They also added their input along with reviewing it for strategic analysis. The basic report was then given a final shape as per the client’s given format. The time taken was within the stipulated time of 16 hours.

Market Research Report Outcome

The client was extremely satisfied with our fast turnaround, one of their key parameters. The quality of the report was also praised. The excellence of the report, combined with the short time taken to prepare it, enabled the client to use their resources better. They could now assign their key resources for more focused and effective research.

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