Back office Pro Assisted the Largest Medicine Manufacturer Across the Globe with Patient Data Dashboarding

Patient Data

Client Profile- Largest Manufacturer of Medicines in the World Based out in Hong Kong

Founded in 1876, headquartered in Hong Kong, the client is the largest manufacturer of medicines across the globe. They discover life-changing medicines, improve the concept of disease management. With a continuous pursuit to make life better around the world, they create high-quality medicines meeting real needs.

Giving out to society, the client help communities through philanthropy and volunteerism and make lives more active, enabling them to live healthier and longer.

Challenges that BOP Encountered in the Patient Data Dashboarding

Initially, the team faced a little difficulty in getting a proper understanding of the project. However, we arranged three telephonic discussions to be thorough with the scope of the work and initiate the process of development.

Client Requirement: Patient Data Dashboarding

Being the largest manufacturer on the globe, the client has a huge patient database. The client wanted to develop a dashboard for patient data analysis, with all patient information like demography, the hospital or clinic they are referring to, along with the entry of new patients automatically when new data is entered on the excel sheet. They were looking for a partner to outsource the task and came across BOP. Owing to the huge experience that BOP has in creating patient dashboard, they hired us to get the help.

Patient Dashboard

BOP’s Tailor-made Steps for the Patient Data Dashboarding

BOP’s Tailor-made Steps for the Patient Data Dashboarding

  • We received all the raw patient data from the client and organized it.
  • Our experts created a dashboard to enter all the data
  • We created fields like patient compliance, demography, name of then hospitals or clinics they visited, number of calls by the nurse, number of new patients every month, accurately.
  • On entering the data, the database gets automatically updated.
  • In the case of new entries, the Google visual studio refreshes the charts and graphs automatically.
  • We delivered the dashboard in Excel format


Key Benefits for the Client

The client was very satisfied with a well-planned patient dashboard. The patient analysis became easy, and they saved cost and time in maintaining the data. It's no more a cumbersome process for the client.