How a Switzerland based Environment Analyst Firm Gets 2000 Sign Analysis on Impact of Business on the Planet

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Client Profile- Switzerland Based Environment Analyst

The client, based in Switzerland, believes that business can bring in a positive change in the environment. They analyze the global impact that large companies have on society and the planet based on 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations. To achieve the complex goal, the company mobilizes large communities and engage them in helping and contributing to the process of the analysis. Their collaborative, free and open platform aids their members to share, read and rate the impacts based on different sources, facts and figures.

Client Requirement: Global Impact Analysis Support

The client had a requirement to assess the quality of 50 impact notes to understand the relevance, objective, insights, rating the impact value, impact scale of the companies. The total number of companies to be analyzed was 260 based on 17 UN SDGs & make a summary of the analysis. In addition to this, 2000 Sign analysis was to be done on the environmental and social impact of the companies. The client came to know about BOP through our website. Based on our experience and discussion, they held hands with us for their projects.





2000 Sign analysis



Project Intricacies Initially

One of the major challenges was the stringent deadline of the project, along with choosing the right FTE. With proper strategy and experts, we were able to overcome this hurdle easily.

Customized Solution from Back office Pro for Global Impact Analysis Support

Here is the customized approach of BOP, that helped in achieving the project goals:

  • The client shared all the information to be analyzed.
  • One resource was assigned to work exclusively on the project which was working on a day to day basis to work on different companies
  • We analyzed the company information to understand the relevance, objective, insights, and rated the impact value, impact scale of the companies.
  • We had to use the Notes on Client Website and submitted the report to the client.

Remarkable Benefits for the Client

Having saved time, the client was highly satisfied with the services offered by BOP experts and virtual employees. They requested more FTEs.

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