Photography and Videography Firm in the USA Gets the Best Real Estate Image Editing Service for 1000 Images

Real Estate Photo Editing Summery

Client Profile- Photography and Videography Firm in the USA

Based in the USA, the client specializes in the 3D virtual tour along with providing professional photography and videography and aerial photography. Using Matterport® 360 virtual tour cameras, pro-level Canon DSLRs and drones for creating marketing collaterals for the real estate companies, commercial and corporate spaces. Established by a group of friends with experience in photography, videography, graphic design, website development and real estate, they deliver the best affordable price. They push real estate marketing to a new level.

Initial Challenges Involved in the Project

Sharing two types of quality outputs (Manual and Auto Process) for the Trial and the volume were challenging in the primary stage. Nevertheless, the expert image editor fights the challenge meticulously and delivers the best results.

Client Requirement: Real Estate Photo Editing

The client was looking for an outsourcing partner for editing real estate photos in Photoshop manually and auto-editing in Lightroom and replacing the sky. They found our website and was sold out by our expertise and ended up hiring us to assist them in their project.

Tailored Solution of Back office Pro for Real Estate Photo Editing

Once we received the inputs in JPEG formats, we devised the following customized approach to edit 1000 images:

  • We started with shadows, highlights adjustments, color correction and lens, and perspective adjustment
  • The next step was to sharpen and levels adjustments
  • We did noise reduction, sky replacement exterior, white balancing, brightness, contrast adjustment, and tone adjustment
  • The vertical & horizontal straightening was done, along with TV screen replacement, adding fire to fireplaces
  • HDR bracketing with indoor window replacement was the next step.
  • Window sky replacement and grass replacement were done
  • We completed the processing of the images within 24 hours and shared the images in JPEG Format.


Significant Benefits for the Client

The client was contended with the deliverables and saved 65% on cost. They got high volumes of images edited in a very short duration and signed up with us for ongoing projects.