16th Century Maps Images were Restored for Netherland-Based Internet Service Provider to Use in 3D Film

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Meet the Client – A Leading Internet Service Provider

The brand is the leading internet service provider with a massive base of around 1.3 million customers in Europe. They operate fifteen European countries, four South American countries, and two countries in the Asia Pacific region. The company features are standardized in all areas, according to the cable provider since its establishment in 1998. They deliver open-access content portals featuring entertainment content and local news in all their markets granting email addresses to all their users.

Objectives of the Photo Restoration Project

The goals of the project were to:

  • Create 3D images from the 16th and 17th-century black and white maps
  • Filming these images to incorporate in movies





30 images per month


3000 USD per month

Challenges Before Availing the Photo Restoration Support

The client was producing a film for which they needed to create 3D Films from the maps of the 16th and 17th centuries. They wanted a very experienced outsourcing partner to clip each item from the real maps, for example, chariots, soldiers, mountains, water-bodies, sun, etc. and all other objects in the image, extract and capture in individual layers and restore the blank areas with retouching.

Solution on Photo Restoration from BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro offered a customized plan to accomplish the project. We received inputs in 3 batches of 15 image files in each batch, and a team size of 3 image editors took charge. They imported all the image files in Photoshop, proceeded with the clipping of the elements in the image individually in each layer, retouching, restoring the blank areas. They put each layer from back to front as one image and shared it with the client.

In the initial phase, the clipping and pathing every element with much detail without missing any area seemed challenging. Additionally, restoring, cloning, and creating duplicates, and recreating as one image also added to the challenges. However, with our experience and expertise, we overcame the challenges and completed the projects.

Photo Restoration Project Takeaways

The client received image clipping and pathing that helped them with elements for creating a 3D film.

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