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BackOffice Pro (BOP), as one of the most eminent image editing companies in India, provides jewelry retouching services to jewelry companies, jewelry designers, fashion designers to enhance the product images. Our output stands out in the crowd and draws the attention of the buyers, appeal to them. We remove the background, mannequin, dust, scratches, enhance the shine and color, adding a wow element to the products.


Meet the Client – World’s Renowned Jewelry Designers

Located in Minnesota, the client is a family-owned jewelry designing company specializing in elegant yet affordable diamond and gemstone jewelry. Growing over two decades, their wares and services have increased to include using quality rough diamonds cut to shape and design and custom-made rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Due to their high-quality designs and enviable skill, they have become synonymous with trust, quality, and value. Because they ensure to provide only the best, every piece comes with a certificate to guarantee its worth and excellence.

Objective of the Jewelry Image Clipping Requirements

The client was looking to enhance the bulk images of their product to attract more customers when they display online.


Country :


Volume :

5000 images

Software / Application :


Client’s Challenges with Image Clipping and Editing

The client reached out to our team at BackOffice Pro needing services involving image clipping and retouching. These images were broken up into jewelry types, namely rings, necklaces and bracelets, and were given to us in varying degrees of damage, including blurry unclear photographs, dusty or damp.

We were required to work on these images and restore them to a better quality brochure and website use. Four resources were assigned to this task, and a requirement of 5000 images per week was set.

BOP’s Process for Jewelry Image Clipping

In dealing with inspiration and the very art of creativity, we used our top resources to finish off this project with a flourish and promised quality. After completing a successful trial period of 10 images in 1 day, the client was happy to move forward with the project. We received the required images in their separate categories via email and were instructed to work through each one separately.

Using Adobe Photoshop, we clipped and retouched each image according to the client’s specific instructions. We took a bit of time on each image, editing the quality, making each one glossier, shinier and removing any spots or imperfections. Our QC then checked our work for accuracy and quality. And finally, a batch of 5000 images was sent to the client via Dropbox at the end of each week.

Jewelry Image Clipping Takeaways

The client was incredibly impressed by our work and the pace at which we completed each batch and has since handed over more projects for us to work on. We look forward to creating more excellence for the client in the future.

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