BOP Helped Californian Company Enhancing Customer Perception Through Quality Images

The Client - An Experienced Food Packaging Company

Based in Southern California, the client is a producer and distributor of quality, price-conscious food packaging. Established in 1982, they have worked to create a reliable and flexible customer-centric service by hiring only those who enjoy serving their clients and have a passion for packaging. Every one of their staff is thoroughly trained in automation systems and are committed to going the extra mile to meet their customers’ needs.

Their customer base has grown into a plethora of high-quality restaurants, bakeries, catering services, hospitals, hotels and supermarkets throughout Southern and Northern California. They now offer over 14,000 items while continuing to adapt their catalog to any market changes.


Image Clipping Requirements for This Project

The client approached our team at Back Office Pro (BOP) with a project involving 16 000 stock images that needed clipping and resizing. We were required to crop or resize these images to make them more presentable for e-commerce use.

This project required the use of one resource and an output of 100 - 150 images per day. We were also required to perform a trial run using the same resource with an output of 5 images on the first day for quality checking.




Software Used

Adobe photoshop

Images Delivered


Challenges Faced By BOP’s Team During This Project

Upon the commencement of this project, our team did face some challenges that hindered our process at first. These challenges included the rate at which the client provided each batch of images. A new batch was only provided each Friday, and so it was difficult for our team to find a matching productivity level. Our work was also affected by the client adding an additional step whereby we had to edit some of the images to make them more appealing and also introduce specific pricing.

To deal with these challenges, we decided to prioritize the more edit-intensive images first. This also gave us a better output timeline when waiting for the next batch to be provided. In doing so, we were able to not only provide the more advanced editing requirements but also keep with the agreed upon quota of 100-150 images per day.

Image Clipping Process the Team Followed

At Back Office Pro, we have years of experience in editing and photo rendering services. We ensured the success of this project by assigning our strongest resource to the job, which guaranteed a high-quality output by the client’s requirements.

Following the initial meetings and trial period, we received the first batch of images via FTP in JPG.

  • We then sorted through these images to see which ones would need additional editing and began to work on those first.
  • The images were then uploaded into Adobe Photoshop where they were either cropped, upscaled, or enhanced as per the specifications.
  • Upon completion of a batch, we sent the files back to the client via JPEG and PSD for quality checking.
  • Finally, the team worked on the change requests the client has asked for.

High-quality Images Delivered – All Within the Agreed Turnaround Time

In outsourcing this project to us, the client not only received high-quality renditions of every image needed, but we also provided an instant turn around time by sending back 100-150 completed images per day. Our up-scaling services showed a high level of professional ability that not only met the client’s requirements but surpassed them. Because each image was carefully assessed and enhanced to the best level, the client was very impressed by our work, not only commending our abilities but also requesting for more work to be handled by us moving forward.

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At Back Office Pro, we pride ourselves on our client conscious approach, taking into consideration every need they present and utilizing our years of experience and professionalism to ensure they receive exactly what they need.

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