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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a reputed company in India providing image clipping services to various photography companies, advertising agencies, wedding photographers, real estate photographers, product photographers worldwide. We deliver voluminous high-quality images meeting the quality parameters.


Meet the Client - Tax and Audit Consultant from London

The client is the world’s leading provider of tax and audit consultancy services to entrepreneurs and global organizations with offices across the globe. They have a client-centric approach to understand their clients’ business deeply. Their valuable pieces of advice cover a wide range of issues from audit and assurance, risk advisory, tax, restructuring, financial advisory solutions, transactions, and more to help their clients know their potential.

Initial Challenges involved in the Project

Initially, clipping a huge volume of 3000 images was challenging, but a customized approach and dividing the volume among two editors was the best solution that we came up with.




Software :


Volume :

3000 images per month

Client’s Challenges in Headshot Image Clipping

The client wanted headshot image clipping services for their corporate profile. They signed up with us and got the best combination of skills for clipping headshot images to showcase their corporate profile.

BackOffice Pro’s Custom Solution for Headshot Image Clipping

Once we received the raw JPEG files, we assigned two image editors for the project. With the help of a customized process and the software Photoshop, we successfully achieved our goals following the below steps. The client sent us the raw files of the headshot images. We did the clipping path, and we put the images on white background. The last step was to compress the images into 50 kb and shared the images back with the client.

Significant Advantages for the Client in Headshot Image Clipping

The client gained a 40% benefit on cost along with timely delivery. They were highly satisfied with our services and shared with us a volume of 3000 images per month in a long-term contract.

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Outsource Image Clipping Requirements to Us to Get Best Images

The expert image editing team at BOP supports project influxes when there are skill shortages. Contact us to know more about our image clipping services and how we can assist you in your business requirements.

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