Largest Drone and Virtual Reality Solution Company in Stockholm Successfully Updates its IT Platform with Bulk Drone Image Enhancement

Drone Image Enhancement at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a renowned image editing company catering to the global image editing agencies, photo studios, photographers for their bulk drone image editing needs. The image editors at BOP are highly skilled possessing years of experience in serving complex requirements of drone images and deliver a complete 360° overview of the commercial and residential properties. Being well-versed with the challenges of drone image editing, we work with seamless approaches and overcome challenges with holistically delivering as per the client’s requirements within quick timelines.


Meet the client – World’s Largest Drone Service Platform Based in Stockholm

The client is a public listed technology company providing commercial drones and virtual reality solutions for real estate. With a vision to map the world of real estate with 360° interactivity with drone views of properties, they became the largest IT platform in the world that connects the customers with the local drone pilots. Customers are facilitated with the opportunity to place a drone order on their global self-service platform and access the huge database of 360° drone images that are immediately customizable. They build a unique mixture of virtual reality, marketing, and digital communication, which has emerged as a state-of-an-art IT platform.

Objective behind the Drone Image Editing Requirement

The objective behind the project was to get assistance for a massive volume of drone image editing requirements.





2000 images per day

Project cost

$5000 monthly

Client’s Initial Challenges Before Outsourcing Drone Image Editing to BOP

The client had a requirement of creating 360-degree panoramas by stitching 12 – 57 drone images. They were facing difficulty in executing the task with the in-house team. They were looking for an outsourcing partner who can take up the task while doing justice with it. Coming across BackOffice Pro, they were lured with our expertise and partnered with us with a long-term contract.

BackOffice Pro’s Custom Solution for drone Image Editing Requirement

BOP’s team of three image editors devised a customized plan for executing the project. We received inputs in the form of raw, still, HDR, and pano images. To deliver 2000 images per day, we began working on it with stringent milestones. We started adjusting the shadows, lens, and perspective, correcting color, sharpening, and adjusting the levels. This was followed by color cast removals, noise reduction, HDR blending, stitching of the sequential images in PTGui, enhancing the images, and correcting the mismatches. We deployed Photoshop, Lightroom, Photomatic, Pano2VR, and PTGui for the project. Finally, we shared the output JPEG files with the client.

Drone Image Editing Outcome

The client successfully partnered with an outsourcing partner for a long-term relationship and received 2000 images every day to create the panorama views of the properties.

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