Boston Based Investment Company Cuts Its DTP Creation Cost to 40% by Outsourcing

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Meet the Client: Multi-national Investment Company in Boston

The client is a well-established multi-national investment company. Established in 1928, they are based in Boston. They have an international presence in more than 27 countries with an experienced team of over 2,000 employees across the globe.



Boston, USA

Client’s Challenges Before Hiring BOP for Desktop Publishing

The firm specializes in the development, growth, and protection of client assets. With its top-notch investment solutions, the client had won its customer’s confidence. They were facing challenges in designing their financial reports and data entry tasks and required an outsourcing partner to depend on a long-term service.

Tailor-made DTP Solution from BOP

We first established the client’s actual requirements, their objective, and concerns. We came up with a systematic plan to meet this particular task that began with assigning four graphic designers with a supervisor to coordinate with the FTE, ensuring that the output's error margin remained as low as 99%. Utilizing the most up-to-date software applications, we ensured all client communication and data were protected.

We used secure VPN communication: IPSec/ PPTP, McAfee Enterprise suite for protection against digital viruses with HIPS (host intrusion prevention); NAC (network access control), gateway-level anti-spyware, spam filter for Internet access & email server; URL-filtering application for surfing control; domain-level access restrictions along with group policy; restricted Internet access based on domain authentication; centralized server-based storage; file system access policy based on user authentication; 3 - 4 Mbps dedicated bandwidth for the imaging department.

A comprehensive back-up was provided for more than 40 high-end PCs running on the most up-to-date software applications. New and existing employees were given training in the latest technologies to execute the project at hand. All team members were supplied with a licensed version of all the software required.

DTP Project Outcome

With the appropriate team allocation, we were on solid ground for this project management. Our FTE team was kept in the loop at all times about the client’s requirements and feedback. This increased the chances of our success. This eventually led to:

  • Success in completing the project, which won us the client’s approval
  • The team was able to achieve cost savings by 40-60% per annum. This achievement was acknowledged and lauded by the client.
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