900 Digital Ad Designs in 30 Days for UK-based Real Estate Agency

The Client- Established UK-based Real Estate Marketing Agency

The client is a real estate marketing agency with a property listing portal and mobile application. Aimed at helping realtors and property owners enlist their properties, the client offers a proprietary design tool to create marketing collateral and brochures.

With an established brand presence across the UK and over 2M unique website visitors each month, the client is uniquely positioned to influence the market nationally. Their website helps direct buyers and sellers straight to their prospects.

The Design and Graphics Requirements

Due to increased productivity demand and newly onboarded projects, the client required an offshore service delivery partner to handle their design requirements. They needed a service provider with expertise in design and graphics to assist them in designing marketing collateral according to their client’s brand guidelines.

Using their proprietary online design platform with template and layout options, the client needed the outsourced team to deliver a minimum of 10-15 design files in PDF format every business day.

Design Services from BackOffice Pro

At BOP, our design experts have assisted in various marketing projects, from product branding graphics to marketing collateral designs. We utilized this experience to provide the client with a sophisticated and attractive content alignment.

Spread over 2,100 hours in six months, and with a team of professional design and graphic experts, we followed a detailed stepwise process to ensure consistency during the project. Key steps involved in the project are:

  • The input received from the client consisted of a video recording with design instructions and sample templates for reference.
  • We assigned a team of two dedicated Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs) with experience in design and graphics to the project.
  • The team reviewed the input videos and reference templates to understand the project workflow and the client’s expectations.
  • The team utilized the templates and layouts on the client’s platform to design marketing collateral/brochures per requirement.
  • 10-15 design files in PDF format are shared on the client’s platform every business day.


The client partnered with BackOffice Pro for image stitching to:




900 Ad Designs



Key Project Takeaways

By onboarding our team for marketing collateral design services, the client received enhanced design layouts that fulfilled their requirement without the hassle of investing in in-house resources or infrastructure. The client received 900 customized marketing collateral design files monthly, which helped them meet their onboarded client’s requirements on time.

BOP’s on-time delivery and innovative designs helped the client accelerate their marketing plans, resulting in a long-term association with us.

Innovative Design Services from BOP

BOP’s specialized design experience and unwavering adherence to clients’ requirements and timelines give us a name in the branding industry. If you have a project that we can help you with, reach out to us today!

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