Ireland Based Investment Company Used Outsourcing Strategy to Cut Its DTP and Artwork Creation Cost by 48%

The Project

The client is a leading investment company, based in Ireland. They are engaged in various kinds of businesses across Europe.

The client wanted to outsource their artworks and DTP solutions to a sole vendor as opposed to the many vendors they were using at the time. It not only produced faulty output, but also brought down the quality of the finished product. The client’s main requirement was to find the best outsourcing partner who could offer single branded artworks formats in-order to make effective presentations for their stakeholders. This was necessary so as to.

The Challenge

The challenge we faced was creating single branded artworks and DTP templates that can be utilized for multifaceted tasks in a single window.

The BackOffice Pro Solution

After examining the client’s problem in detail, we came up with a solution that included the following features:

  • We offered the client a free trial to demonstrate our adaptability and understanding of their problem.
  • A team of DTP experts with experience was appointed and given internal training by the client.
  • In order to come up with the right branded artworks and DTP templates, the team examined all the client’s needs pertaining to its schedule, regular exchange and communication with its stakeholders.
  • By more successfully

The Result

With our concurrent work execution, the client was able to achieve a significant impact.

  • They were able to source all their artwork and DTP supplies from a single vendor. This brought down their operating costs by 48%.
  • With a better designed presentation of financial reports and by successfully communicating with stakeholders, the client was also able to win their trust and assurance.


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