Insulated Panels Manufacturer in the Us Cuts Its Operational Cost to Save $12,000 Per Month

The Client

The Client is a US based manufacturer of insulated panels.

The Project

The client needed urgent restructuring of their cost and work composition. They were concerned about their increasingly escalating costs. They also needed quality drawings to improve their efficiency. They had finally decided to outsource these requirements in a bid to find more cost-effective and efficient service, without any compromise on the quality and completion schedule.

The Challenge

This project presented us with the following challenges:

  • Appointing qualified engineers and then imparting requisite training in CAD tools son that they could keep up to date with home designs
  • Planning an all-inclusive and innovative instruction guide
  • Providing for sufficient resource backup in case of unexpected requirements
  • Finally, we also had to travel overseas to the client’s office in the US.

The Back Office Pro Solution

We assessed the client’s project profile in detail and came up with a systematic and comprehensive solution:

  • An internal team was appointed and given additional training in case further assistance was required
  • A three-member team was appointed and sent to the client’s office in the US to familiarize them with the client’s operational procedures
  • To ensure their commitment to the project, these team members were retained through a two-year contract on their return.

The Result

Our diligent work benefited the client on the following counts:

  • Daily review of the project ensured that only the most effective and optimum solution would be applied.
  • A ready availability of back up ensured smooth project implementation without any hiccups.
  • Enormous cost saving of $12,000 per month


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